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Thread: Xbox 360 - FPS Hints and tips

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    Default Xbox 360 - FPS Hints and tips

    I know no-one in there right mind plays FPS on a console, but...well I'm not in my right mind. I'm looking for any hints and tips to be a better FPS player. I have a lot of time racked up playing the games, but I want to be better. So any coaching/tips/tricks and/or other miscellaneous tidbits of info are most welcome!

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    The ability to strafe with analogue sticks is the real key. Quick movement and instinctive shooting only comes with experience ...
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    Yeah coming from a decade of using mouse and WASD keys all it takes is practice to get used to using a gamepad for FPS. I've found the easiest route is to get the right analogue stick into the direction where you want to shoot then move it into place with the left one.

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