State of the art bleeding edge just sucks I guess.

My laptop has a Intel 5300 WiFi card.
I have a Billion 7420NX router.
Latest firmware and drivers on both.

When (if) I manage to get the two to talk to each other, the connection is dodgy. Data transfer rates drop frequently to <22Mbps, not even enough to sustain a divx stream.

Funny enough the connection is OK when unsecured.
If I enable WEP or WPA, the connection sometimes have DHCP issues forcing me to assign a static IP. Data transfer rates remain low.

I've googled this to the n'th and determined that this is a widely documented issue with Intel WiFi cards. It happens especially with Belkin and Billion routers.

Here's one link about a billion guy with the same issue. Here's another about Belkin. And another.

I've accepted that for now I'll have to pull my hair out and be done with it Expectations are that it may take months for firmware/driver upgrades to address these issues.

But I'd like to know if anyone out there with an Intel 5300 WiFi adapter found a router / access point that works flawless with it?

(the logic being that its cheaper to get a new router than a new laptop! )