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Thread: Centurion traffic dept number

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    Default Centurion traffic dept number

    Does anyone have a number for them that works plz,

    I have these 5, and all of them just rings
    (012) 665 2783/3919
    (012) 665-2796/2779
    (012) 6652808
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    bump... it still just rings

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    You can dial 012 358 9999 (City of Tshwane call centre) and follow the IVR prompts to 'Licensing'.

    If you have applied for a drivers license renewal, the agent will be able to check if your new license is ready for collection.
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    I lost my drivers license renewal documentation(invoice) and I need to go collect. Will they give me my license with my ID as a document?
    Can't think of anything wise to say atm thanks.

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