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Thread: Neotel Coverage and Internet

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    Default Neotel Coverage and Internet

    Hi guys

    Wondering if someone could help me with some information please.

    I am now at the point where I have been pushed around by Telkom far too much!!

    After been told that someone would come and install my line and 4MB ADSL connection on Monday 11 May, no one rocked up (Why was I surprised??), I was then told they would be there on Friday the 15th (Apparently they were working on the pole today and found that all lines on that box were faulty, and as such, no one would be able to install my line today, with no one having any idea when in fact it would be installed now - through all of this, no one bothered to let me know, so I landed up sitting at home for 2 hours after having to beg to leave work for a bit!!)

    So... that brings me to my question...

    What is Neotel like?? I just want a plain land line with the fastest Internet connection possible (Anything like Telkom's 4MB lines?). My Internet connection is predominantly for work and of course gaming , I therefore need the fastest and most reliable connection. Is it even worth considering Neotel, or should I just continue getting frustrated until Telkom finally arrive?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Neotel do not install land lines to households yet....

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    And in terms of Internet connections, are they any good?

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    CobrgBob - i suggest you take a look at the coverage map on the neotel website. Provided it is excellent, I would then recommend u search on these forums for people in this area for their comments on internet quality and speed results. The internet quality largely depends on where u are situated and the package you choose.

    Neotel offers 3 prododucts for home users:

    Neotel Prime (2.4mbps)
    Neotel Neoflex (3.2mbps)
    Neotel Light (crap)

    Prime and Light are single user packages - ie. they only connect via usb and not via wireless. Neoflex has a wireless router incorporated into it so u can connect many devices to it.

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    CyborgBob - I'm sitting with a situation where Telscum cannot provide any (ANY) service in Midrand/Noordwyk because some @$$ stole the cable. The call centre cannot give me any indication of when i can expect any type of service. They then offered Telkom Wireless, which i then applied for until the @ss at the call centre appologised and said they cannot offer me Telkom services because Telkom Wireless hasnt rolled to Noordwyk!! So now, no matter what, I am forced to take Neotel... was promised my device next week and will give feedback once i have it... but i am not filled with hope!!

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