Chennai firm issues MSN worm alert:

[India News]: Chennai, Feb 7 : An Internet security software and anti-virus company warned Monday that a new computer worm, which spreads through MSN Messenger, is likely to tempt users with "sexy" images.

The worm has been sighted in Taiwan, China, Korea and the US.

"The worm attempts to send copies of itself in different file names to all online contacts, pretending to be alluring images," said Joe Hartmann, senior virus researcher for Trend Micro, in a press release here.

"MSN Messenger users get a comical photo of a roasted chicken. The worm also executes a file called 'SEXY.JPG', which displays a photo of a chicken that appears to have been cooked in the oven with its bathing suit on," the release said.

"Many companies have been blocking use of instant messenger programmes to boost employee productivity. Now, they have a good reason to do so for security reasons as well," the release said.

--Indo-Asian News Service