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Thread: Anyone out there use Xnets?

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    anyone still using xnets i am about to run up the walls they are having serious Problems any advice on who i can contact in the area

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    Yep.. the worst internet I have ever experienced in my life... even my cell EDGE is better than this 384k line
    It works on days it wants to.. and unfortunately I love my online games.. I mostly play css and wow but struggle to connect, made loads of complains (phoned about 3 times a day) and the just said "they will look into it"
    Really pathetic service

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    Interesting to see how many people sign up to this forum just to share their bad xnets experience and to warn others:

    How can xnets still be operating if they have so many unhappy customers? Has no one reported them or something?
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    Yea it should be illegal what they doing to us :S

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    I heard a story that XNETS might be closing shop in the knysna/plettenberg bay area. Can anyone confirm or deny this? have they sold?

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    Good day folks.

    It's been a while since someone posted here but I though i'd add my comments in 2014 and hopefully I'll get a bit of feedback from current Xnet users in terms of their experience on the Xnet network these days.

    Before I start I would like to state, that I'm not embarking on mission to actively discourage users from signing up with Xpress. I'm giving an overview of events that happened to me over the last couple of months.

    I'm situated in the east of Pretoria where ADSL is not available and 3G signal is bad and therefor unusable as an internet solution. Previously I made use of a different WISP but that is another sad story for another day. I then came across Xpress Network solutions and signed up. I provided my own NanoBridge when I joined. Although the unit functioned 100% it had one problem. The reset button was busted. I removed this unit from a previous wireless site I managed for a client since I liked my work equipment to be in top notch shape for my clients. Anyhow, I explained the situation to the Xpress staff member that performed the initial configuration and explained to him that I understand that I will loose access to the device. The do however need to remember that I cannot reset the device so they need to make sure the keep the password. I was assured they will. A month or so after the signup, my connection stopped working. I phoned them only to be told they cannot access the unit and I must have changed the password. I explained to them that I did not have access to the unit to change the password and that only one of them could have changed it. Long story short, the device was rendered useless since they lost the password and that I had to buy new hardware. At that stage I was out of town, taking care of family matters and had to get the internet back up for my wife's studies.

    They installed new hardware (Mikrotik Groove and a 2.4Ghx Grid) and invoice met over R2000 for this. I was then told that things are sorted. My wife was told by the technician that installed the new equipment that my previous router had water damage, and that was why we are replacing the equipment. I subsequently disassembled the router and found not water damage. I soldered on a new switch and 'bruteforced' my way into the router and established that the password was '123456789'. Since I opened the sealed unit I cannot use it outside anyhow and I'm now building a 5.8ghx interior range extender from it. Anyhow ... Let continue...

    Since the new hardware has been installed I have been without internet countless times. I work from home very frequently and cant function without a proper internet connection.
    Problems I have been experiencing include
    - When the new hardware was installed, requested that if they needed to move the equipment to establish better line of sight, they need to do so and invoice me... this was not done. Signal is currently not that great but since I cannot access the equipment I cannot move it since I don't want to pay anohther R750 for the callout.
    - Since the installation was not done according to my instructions, I requested them to come and fix this at their cost .. which has also not happened.
    - Urgent tickets logged on their service desk does only get looked at after 6 days.
    - When they eventually look at the tickets, tickets are closed with comments saying issue has been resolved but they never are.
    - Getting hold of after hour support or support over weekend is impossible.
    - some days I get throughput of 12-35kbps on a 2mbps uncapped connection
    - Latency on Battlfield 4 servers that was previously 8-12ms are now sitting at 200-300ms making it impossible to play.
    - Constant connectivity interruptions.... perhaps 10 - 15 times per day for several minutes at a time. This also makes playing Battlefield 4 a futile exercise
    - During the recent streak of bad weather I lost connectivity for almost an entire day and was told that due to the lack of sunlight, the 'solar only' powered highsite ran out of juice.

    With all this being said, there was one really helpfull chap that I could phone after hours by the name of JP. He was always willing to help but has now left Xpress. have not been able to get hold of anyone remotely helpful since.

    I would like to extend my contract with the addition of some other services Xpress Net offers but at the moment I high doubt if I will take the plunge and add more frustration to my life. The service I would like to have added includes a voip phone line, public IP for VPN into my home network, upgraded internet account etc... but ya ... all these services are dependent on a reliable internet connection and since that is something Xpress Net has not been able to deliver, although I'm a paying customer, I'll remain on the connection I have since I have no other options at present.

    If anyone from Xpress Net wish to respond to this post or contact me either via email or on my cell, please do so.
    I post this under my real name and Xpress should have my details on file.

    My next step would be to complain to WAPA but I first have to comply to their conditions before I can complain so there is some work left for me to do before that can happen.

    (sorry for the long post but I wanted to give as much detail as possible)

    Kind regards


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