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Thread: ADSL problem...

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    Default ADSL problem...

    Greetings Gents... I eventually got ADSL 3GB cap... woohoo.. not quite

    Ever since I got the ADSL I cant access some admin areas of my forum ( and I have problems registering domains...

    My ADSL is setup just by pluggin in your lane cable into the hub and "make a new connection" in Windows... you have to connect everytime if u wanna access the ADSL line... no automatic DHCP server...

    now all of a sudden I can check my mail - Googles gmail - and login to skype (both American services so no cap problem YET!) .. but I cant surf the net or use MSN IM!???

    Does Telkom put me behind some sort of proxy? I can check my mail and use SKype but no MSN messanger and no browsing...? WTF?

    I tried calling help desk... but lets not get into that...

    any help much appreciated...

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    Let's start with the usual bakground questions

    What is the make and model of your modem/router?
    Is you PC standalone or part of a network?
    What is your OS on the PC?

    Did you run the CD that was provided with the modem/router?

    We will see what can be done to help.


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    hey thanx for the reply... sorry fo leavin' out those details... obviously!

    well the net is working 100% again now... WEIRD.

    butg incase it happends again heres the info:

    1. Im at home with 2 pcs on the network using the router as the a hub.. its the "latest" telkom router...

    2. nothing is setup... all i did was plug in the ethernet cable and setup a new connection in Windows with my ADSL user/pass...

    3. I use XP, and no i didnt run the CD? leme give it a shot!

    any suggestions...

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