Graupner ULTRA DUO PLUS 30 Charger

by: beemerstyle

Description: Graupner ULTRA DUO PLUS 30 Charger Main Features Micro-processor controller high performance fast charge, battery maintenance and balancing unit for NiCd/NiMH/Li-Io/LiMn cells and lead acid batteries. Battery clips for connection to 12V car battery; also integral high quality G4 gold contact connectors for connection to 230V/12V mains PSU. Full Specification Charge 1 - 30 Cells from battery output 1 at upto 7A Easy to use controls Charge 4 - 8 Cells from battery output 2 perfect for RX/TX English Language version with comprehensive manual. MY Price R1500 Ultra Duo Plus 30 Part Number : 6416.67 Battery 1 charge Output 1 - 30 NiCd or NiMH cells 1 - 10 Li-Io or LiMn cells 2 - 24V Lead acid batteries Charge Current 100mA - 7A Discharge Current 100mA - 5A Delta Peak cut off detector for accurate charge termination when full Battery 2 Charge Output 4 - 8 NiCd or NiH cells Charge current 50mA - 500mA in 50mA steps Delta Peak cut off detector for accurate charge termination when full General Features High contrast two line LCD screen for simultaneous display of all relevant parameters such as charge current, charge time, capacity, battery voltage etc. Very high efficiency voltage converter, pulse frequency over 40kHz Deltapeak cut off detector for NiCd and NiMH cells, separately variable sensitivity, ensuring full charge to 100% capacity Charging of single cells - ideal for glowplug clips and for select cells Capacity test programs with variable charge and discharge currents and selectable power off voltage Lead acid batter charge programs with optimised charge characteristic curve, discharge facility, variable discharge current for determining battery capacity and residual capacity. Overcharge timer. Prevents premature termination after the start of a charge process and allows controlled overcharging for maximum possible battery power Deep discharge protection for car battery, selectable threshold. Fast charge safety timer prevents total overcharging and destruction of the battery if a pack contains defective cells. Buzzer setting. Audible Ready alert at end of charge program, variable off, 10 sec, continuous. Switchable button beep Power ON program. Selectable charge program when car battery is initially connection Reset menu resets user settings to factory defaults. Trickle charge program for lead acid batteries provides long term maintenance and charging for power standby operation. Variable battery balancing programs with variable cycle interval (up to 10 times), charge current, discharge current, separate capacity value displays for each cycle (even after completion) Short circuit, overload and reverse polarity protection Charging Lithium Polymer cells with the ULTRA DUO PLUS 30 The ULTRA DUO PLUS 30 battery charger was designed from the outset for charging Lithium-Manganese and Lithium-Polymer cells. The charge parameters of Lithium-Polymer and Lithium-Manganese cells are the same. Lithium-Polymer cells are charged using the LiMn charge program. 1. Press the ENTER button twice to select the Lithium menu (battery capacity display flashes). 2. Use the /- buttons to select the capacity of the battery to be charged (range 100 mAh 5000 mAh). 3. Press the MODE button three times to by-pass the capacity test program (Lithium cell type flashes). 4. Press the /- buttons to select the desired Lithium battery type LiMn (LiPo) or LiIo (set Lithium cell type flashes), and confirm with ENTER (set cell count flashes). 5. Select the desired cell count (range 1 10) using the /- buttons and confirm with ENTER (set Lithium cell type, e.g. LiMn, flashes). 6. Press the MODE button once to return to the original Lithium menu (set capacity value flashes). 7. Now connect the Lithium battery to be charged to the battery charger (the flashing capacity value changes to a constant display). 8. Press the START (ENTER) button to initiate the charge program for the battery connected to the charger. 9. The charge menu now displays the Lithium charge program: Line 1: Charge program Charge time Line 2: Current (A) Capacity (mAh) Voltage (V) Contact Warren on 0833086176