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Thread: ADSL Installation

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    Default ADSL Installation

    Hi Everyone.

    I have a problem and was hoping that somebody could help me with it. I've applied for ADSL (I've got a order no) a while ago but apparently the exchange im on is full (and yes it is ADSL enabled). It's the 384 HomeDSL option with a new phone line.Now telkom says they need to upgrade the exchange (but they first have to see if the cost of equipment bla bla bla is worth it). I've heard rumours that there is a difference in the 192.384/512k ports, is this true? They also said that they need to approve of the project before anything can be done. ETA is 30-40 days (working days) for them to be able to TELL me when they can (or not) supply me with adsl.

    I'm going to use it primarily for gaming and also some online banking etc. Can somebody advise me or point me in the direction for something cause I can't wait 6 months for adsl (estimated time it will take to get it installed). I've spoken to Gerhard Gaillard but he wasn't very helpfull (infact he was downright snotty with me) and told me he can't do anything.

    Any alternatives? If a moderator or somebody can help me please send me a private message. I've got my order no if anybody can help me.

    I live in midrand Glen Austin to be exact. Please anyone this is quite urgent. (I just can't wait 6 months for adsl)

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    As far as I know, there is no difference in the ports used for the different speeds.

    It's all the same DSLAM ports and they only shape you "behind" the DSLAM.

    If your exchange is ADSL "enabled" then you propably can't get ADSL because there is no ports available.

    SO your best bet, if you absolutely want ADSL, is to keep phoning and phoning and phoning until they decide they had enough and just flippen install extra ports to get you off their backs.

    There is also the odd change that someone cancels their ADSL on the exchange and then you can use their port. BUT, you will still need to phone in often , because they won't let you know once a port is opened.

    Or you can start considering some of our "wonderfull" alternative options, I-Burst, My"Shameless" etc.

    Biggest Permanent LAN -

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