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Thread: PCMCIA bridge or adapter for desktop

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    Default PCMCIA bridge or adapter for desktop


    I'm looking to buy a PCMCIA bridge/adapter for my desktop PC (for iBurst or 3G purposes) and no one seems to sell these, or have no idea what it is (Incredible Connection tell me they don't exist!).

    I do have one from my old Megawan card, but for some or other reason iBurst is reeaaalllly slow in there. I've read a few people moaning about speed on their old Megawan bridges - so I guess it's common. Any help appreciated. I live in the Randburg area.

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    Go to Wireless, click on Hardware.

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    If you're in JHB:
    If youre in CapeTown - try
    *sigh* - been here since 07-08-2003 ... can it really get worse

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