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Thread: DSL-2640U and Xbox Live

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    Default DSL-2640U and Xbox Live

    Hi there

    I have a DSL-2640U. I cannot connect to xbox live with it. Only when i put a direct PPPoE connection on the xbox does it connect. But then i cannot access data from my pc. I have reset the router. Disabled the firewall on the router. But still nothing.

    I use to run xbox live with ICS. My Pc connected wireless to the adsl router. And my xbox to my pc and xbox live worked.

    What settings are there i should do to fix this? It must be a setting on the router.

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    What you need to do is give your xbox a static IP with your router as the default gateway, and then give your xbox your ISPs dns settings under the dns entries. For example, we use an axxess prepaid unshaped account that is a SAIX account, so we use SAIX dns servers.

    We have the exact same router here and that worked for us.

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    I have tried it and it didn't work. The other way I have done is to make my xbox dial a PPPoE connection.

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    Sirus, I had endless issues getting my router (same) and 360 to play along. The 2640U is supposedly one of the comparatively few able to get 2 360s online with open NATs - couldn't get it right.

    In the end I gave the 360 a static IP, and specified it as the DMZ Host in the router's setup. This effectively places it outside of the firewall and allows traffic destined for the 360 to pass through uninhibited. As the 360 is a secure platform, you don't have to worry about virii and such...
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    Thanx Enigma, it worked, i tried everything except that. I did the port fowarding, that didn't work. But this worked immediately.

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    Well ours didnt seem to work immediately when we set static IP settings, but after the xbox had rebooted it worked. Not so keen for enigma's suggestion myself though, even if the xbox is "secure"

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    Hi there

    My Xbox Live had been working ever since I bought it. I never had a problem with this router. Until one day, when I went to a friend's house with my 360 and connected to Xbox Live through his router. When I got back home my Xbox Live was no longer working and I tried EVERYTHING (yes, even opening ports xD) to try fix it. Eventually I just gave up and decided that I'd never be able to fix it. So I sat around for about 2 months without Xbox Live (which I wasn't very happy about since I had just bought a 12 month prepaid Xbox Live bundle). Then one day I decided to start all over again and started trolling the web for solutions. Until I finally came across a different thread on this website. One of the users had been having the exact same problem I was having with his PS3 and it was definitely not port related since I hadn't been faced with router problems before using my Xbox Live profile at a friend's house.

    So this is all I had to do xD and even I was surprised that it worked


    1) Log in to your router page on your web browser

    2) Click on "Advanced Setup"

    3) Scroll down to "LAN"

    4) Uncheck "Enable UPnP"

    5) Save and reboot your router

    6) Check "Enable UPnP"

    7) Save and reboot your router again

    This should fix your Xbox Live problems if you were in the same situation I was in and I don't even think instructions 6 and 7 are essential, so if you want to skip re-enabling your UPnP that should be fine.

    I registered today just to post my solution so I hope this helps someone out

    PS: Sorry about the long life story
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    Here's a screenshot too if a few people are still having trouble finding the UPnP checkbox

    Last edited by guavameister; 21-02-2012 at 04:28 PM.

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