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Thread: SA vs Japan

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    Default SA vs Japan

    The return of coach Carlos Alberto Parreira and striker Benni McCarthy failed to inspire World Cup hosts South Africa in a goalless draw with Japan on Saturday.

    Parreira returned last month after the firing of Brazilian compatriot Joel Santana at the end of a long losing sequence for South Africa.
    bawaahaha and here I thought Benni McCarthy was suppose to be SA's savoiur???? wtf did he save? he's fat lard a$$ to play in the WC?

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    Fifa World Rankings :
    Japan = 40 Bafana = 85

    Thats the only thing worthwhile to be taken away from this game. There was not enough attacking flair and McCarthy made no difference.Still i will be supportive unlike some people Go support Brazil or fanboi some other teams....YES WE GET THE PICTURE already

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    wat? that directed at me?

    please you read the comments about Benni Maccarthy and how he is the Savoiur of SA soccer... BS that tub of lard a$$ should go back to england and continue to bench warm there...

    I mean come on...

    a Saviour?

    I'm trying to support a team but the monkies that make stupid decisions to pay a Brazilians where someone local is more than capable is beyond me...

    In the build up to the match McCarthy, who turned 32 last Thursday promised the fans he would score if he got a sniff in front of the Japanese goal.

    But it was evident that McCarthy's lack of game time for his English Premiership club was hurting his hopes of a successful international comeback after he was dropped by previous national coach Joel Santana prior to June's Confederations Cup.

    SA needs to rebuild from the youth level not blow millions on 1 person who can't make miricles happen... maybe you jsut one of those that believes paying 1 person 1.8 or so mill will help sa win...

    Give the youngesters a chance... that gives them confidence... don't waste time trying to play a person who only wishes to play big matches and never expects to do anything else...

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    I might have bothered to watch if there was any talent. The administration have left a bad taste, the coaching has been abysmal, and McCarthy is poison. All I can say for him (Bennie) is that he is football's equivalent of Rickie Januarie - fat and useless But he makes me feel good about myself in that I could also make the team.
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