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Thread: Do i need a ICASA license 4 voip

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    Default Do i need a ICASA license 4 voip

    Plz tell me will i need a license to do voip ?

    this is what im doing...
    Im a reseller of a company from overseas (basically i purchase minutes & they give me a billing where i can create acct numbers / pins)
    i purchased JHB Access "virtual" numbers that are also setup on the billing.
    > so this is how it works... a caller calls the access number and then he is asked to enter a pin/acct number, then asked to enter the number he is calling (basically this is how the calls are connected)
    Now what i have done is - generated many pins and printed these pins on cards. these cards are sold at stores.
    >>> basically i dont have any netwrok or anything like that, im just a reseller of an overseas company.... DO I need a license to sell

    I was told that anybody doing any type of communication has to have a license unless they are reselling for a LICENSED south African company

    I am also selling normal VOIP accts

    Do i need a license ?

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    See section 6 of the Electronic Communications Act.

    In general, pure resale is license-exempt.

    The question about whether you're still exempt if you're reselling the services of a foreign company is a complex one. I think you probably are still licence-exempt, HOWEVER, being licence-exempt does NOT mean you are exempt from complying with various regulations!!!

    I think it would be extremely difficult to comply with a number of the regulations if the company whose services you're reselling doesn't comply themselves. e.g. Will the foreign provider do the necessary to ensure your services can access SA emergency services if the client dials 112? (Just a simple example.)

    But I'm not a lawyer. That's just my reading of the Act. If I were you, I'd just call ICASA on 011 566 3000, ask to speak to someone in the licensing department, and ask their advice.

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    Tnx gmza.. have called icasa & they say some1 will get bck to me.

    but then the question is - many many internet cafe's are offering there customers "international calling" via Voip & most are purchasing from overseas companies (minutes / software etc) now is this legal ?
    if you look at it - not icasa or any of the local providrs are getting anything out of it

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    my two cents, slightly OT. But reselling via overseas partners really gives VoIP here a bad name as you double the round trip before breaking out locally. 80% of VoIP calls are terminated locally and mostly to Vodacom. I guess it comes down to you get what you pay for, the VoIP market is extremely competitive as you said. Dont even get me started on the local SIM farm's

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