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Thread: Money's Prophets: International Influence

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    Default Money's Prophets: International Influence

    I've come quite a long way from the start of my research on Jewish history and anthropology, and I have covered topics ranging from their influence in Hollywood to the world's billionaires and that those in the top 30 are mostly Jews. That includes the grandson of John Ammon Stahl, Warren Buffett, who is also married to a woman of Jewish descent.

    One of the topics that still remain very touchy (in addition to the connection between Jewish banks and the Swiss Banks holding Nazi Gold) is the "international money" thing. Because it featured prominently in The Eternal Jew and other anti-Semitic propaganda, any mention of it is often met with the generic "racist" claims.

    As such, I set off to find out whether there was any validity in the theory that Jews feature very prominently on the international money scene, aside from their obvious influence in banks (Goldman, JP Morgan, Barclays, Rothschild, etc).

    First off, I think it is prudent to say that international finance is pretty much run through the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements. The American Federal Reserve, because of America's international influence, is also a prominent player.

    Federal Reserve

    Its power is somewhat legendary. It's governing board is made up of members that come from the largest banks in America. These banks own non-transferable shares in it.

    Carter Glass was the key figure behind the legislation that created the Federal Reserve. Although not considered a practicing Jew, Carter was most certainly Jewish in his descent.

    From then on, there have been multiple chairmen of the Federal Reserve. Many of them are certainly Jewish, and the rest have many links to possible Jewish descent. However, I will focus only on those that I have proof of.


    (to lessen clutter, I linked only a list, not each individual wiki entry. If requested, I will add the individual links)

    The first chairman of the American Federal Reserve was Charles Sumner Hamlin. He was also Jewish.

    Second, William Proctor Gould Harding. Jewish.

    Third, Daniel Richard Crissinger. Jewish descent. Also one of the most famous freemasons of the time.

    Fourth, Roy Archibald Young. Jewish.

    Fifth, Eugene Isaac Meyer. Jewish. Also first president of the World Bank.

    Sixth, Eugene Robert Black. Jewish.

    Tenth, Arthur Frank Burns. Jewish.

    Twelfth, Paul Adolph Volcker. Jewish descent.

    Thirteenth, Alan Greenspan. Jewish.

    And lastly, the current (fourteenth) chairman is Ben Bernanke. Jewish.


    Of the 14 chairmen, 10 are of Jewish descent and 8 are certainly Jewish.

    That's 71% and 57% respectively. A very interesting figure.


    World Bank

    The World Bank; peddler of leveraged loans and jugglers of third world debt, this organization has more influence in the monetary matters of indebted third world countries, than the UN has.

    With globalization as its goal, the World Bank has the power to make or break the economy of the poor developing world.


    We start off with Eugene Meyer who also happened to have been chairman of the Federal Reserve. As noted above, he was Jewish.

    The third president was Eugene R Black Sr, whose father was also chairman of the Federal Reserve. He was Jewish.

    Sixth, Alden W Clausen, Jewish descent.

    Seventh, Barber Conable, Jewish descent.

    Ninth, James Wolfensohn. Jewish.

    Tenth, Paul Wolfowitz. Jewish.

    The current president of the World Bank (eleventh) is Robert Zoellick. He is certainly of Jewish descent but is not an openly practicing Jew.


    Of the eleven presidents, four were Jewish and seven of Jewish descent.

    That's 36% and 63% respectively. Another fascinating statistic.


    International Monetary Fund

    Finally, we come to the International Monetary Fund. The other more famous and notorious peddler of debt and loans to the third world. It is also the "all seeing eye" of financial matters of its member states which, when looking at a member-chart, seems to be the world.

    As a side note, the largest portion of votes in the IMF, being 17%, is held by America. The governor of that voting body is Timothy Geithner, of Jewish descent. Ben Bernanke, mentioned above, is the alternate governor.

    Managing Directors

    Most important one first, we start off with the first MD of the IMF. Camille Gutt, Belgian politician and generally very rich industrialist, served as the first MD of the fund. Needless to say, he was also the first Jew to do so.

    The fourth MD was Pierre-Paul Schweitzer, a French Jew.

    Fifth is Johan Witteveen of Jewish descent.

    Sixth is another Frenchman of Jewish descent, Jacques de Larosiere de Champfeu.

    Eighth is Horst Kohler, who also happens to be the current president of Germany. Of Jewish descent in his ancestry, his family converted to Evangelicalism a long time ago. Still worth a mention because of his ancestry.

    Tenth on the list is yet another Frenchman. The regally named Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the third French Jew who has served as the MD of the IMF.


    Of the ten MDs, 3 are certainly Jewish and 6 are of Jewish descent. That's 30% and 60%. Interestingly, although France's 60 million population has only 600 000 Jews, being 1%, three of the French Managing Directors of the IMF have been Jews.



    Conclusively, I am safe to say that Jews, primarily the German Jews for that matter, have a great amount of influence in the international monetary affairs of the world.

    As always, this information is available to anyone, most of it from wikipedia. Searching genealogy trees and so on is much more of a task, but a necessary one to find Jewish ancestry.

    Yet again, I am amazed at what the plain statistics are. Only 15 million Jews in a world with 6.8 billion people, and three of the largest international financial institutions have been managed by them. Almost exclusively by them, in some of the cases. The next obvious step would be to examine the banking institutions of the world. Somehow, I have a good idea of what I will find.

    Once more, the question surfaces; why? What is it, in the history and past of the Jews as a people, not just a religion, that has given rise to these obvious statistical anomalies?

    (This thread was deleted because the post discussion seemingly took a wrong turn. I'm just re-posting it for reference)

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    In Christianity, as far as my limited knowledge goes, it is/was a sin to lend out money for interest.

    This was the main reason that Jews moved into this trade, and the rest is pretty straightforward...

    Watch a documentary called 'The Ascent of Money' from BBC. It explains things pretty nicely.

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    deja ****ing vu

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    I'll try not jump to the conclusion that you are just an anti-semite with a thinly veiled agenda and assume instead that you really think you have discovered something.

    Dean's pretty much got it. Jews were forced into the role of money lender and merchant over two thousand years because those were occupations that were open to them as the eternal scape goats of Christian Europe. Couple that with a tight knit community and strong family values and you have 100 or so generations in the family business of making money.

    Seriously, there is no need for a conspiracy theory. It's self-fulfilling prophecy on the part of anti-semites.
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