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Thread: DA now in 'control' of Stellenbosch

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    Thumbs up DA now in 'control' of Stellenbosch

    Kaapstad - Die DA het beheer van Stellenbosch by die ANC tydens ‘n munisipale vergadering oorgeneem, het die SABC berig.

    Beide die poste van burgemeester én onderburgemeester is by ‘n munisipale vergadering aan die DA toegeken, wat dié party nou beheer oor die munisipaliteit van Stellenbosch gee.

    Cyril Jooste van die DA is tot burgemeester verkies nadat Patrick Swartz uit sy pos verwyder is weens ‘n stem van geen vertroue teen hom én die spreker, Gordon Pheiffer.

    Die onderburgemeester, Cameroon Mcako, het uit sy pos bedank.

    - Sapa
    Quick translation:
    The DA took control of Stellenbosch from the ANC after a municipal meeting as reported by the SABC.

    Both the posts of mayor and deputy mayor has been awarded to the DA which gives the party control of Stellenbosch.

    Cyril Jooste of the DA has been elected to mayor after Patrick Swartz has been removed from his post after a vote of no confidence against him and speaker Gordon Pheiffer has been handed in.

    The deputy mayor, Cameroon Macko, resign from his position.
    Afrikaans Link

    Looking for English link
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    May the DA continue to take over the whole country slowly but surely!
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    I'm not sure, but it's dark and there are LCD screens.


    Woop Woop! I just hope they don't screw it up.
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    Very good, let's hope they can keep that momentum going.

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    May the blue wave continue to spread. Hang in there those outside the Western Cape!

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    Don't argue with stupid people, especially for those with power.

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    They just need to hire a new graphic designer/DTP operator, their little newspaper I got in the mail looked like it was done in MS Word by a 9 year old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Praeses View Post
    May the DA continue to take over the whole country slowly but surely!
    hopefully they manage before it is to late.
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    Now to up their efforts and take over gauteng

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    nice, just as i move out east
    The place looks cool tho i must say.

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    best they strike while the iron is hot

    Johannesburg - Levels of optimism about South Africa have dropped, according to survey results released on Wednesday.

    "After reaching a June high of 73%, the proportion of people who agree that they are positive about South Africa and its future has taken two successive knocks in September (68%) and November (66%)," said TNS Research Surveys.

    The company has conducted a series of surveys since 2004 to ascertain whether people feel positive about South Africa and, since February 2009, whether they are thinking of leaving, it said.

    These surveys are conducted amongst a sample of 2 000 South African adults from the seven major metropolitan areas of South Africa, interviewing them face-to-face in their homes, with a margin of error of under 2.5%.

    26% not positive about SA

    The November results indicate that 66% of respondents agreed that they were positive about South Africa and its future, 26% disagreed, and eight percent said that they don’t know.

    This figure of 66% compares with the February figure of 60%, the May figure of 68%, the June figure of 73%, and the September figure of 68%.

    Although this does represent a drop from the June high, it is still better than the 56% achieved in November 2008 and the all-time low of 49% seen in mid-2008.

    Twelve percent said they were thinking of leaving South Africa.

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    hrm.. when is the next local elections.. 3yrs more? Seems the local elections next round will be exciting to watch in more areas and hopefully a few more provinces.

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