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Thread: Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council

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    Default Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council

    Something to think about
    I have been scouting in the Johannesburg area for suitable locations to broadcast from, when I noticed 5.8 GHz transmission equipment. I established that it belongs to the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council. An employee informed me that it is indeed licenced for 5.8 GHz and now, I wonder how did they obtain the licence. Again, whilst visiting Richards Bay over the long weekend, I noticed Absa transmitting their ATM data on 2,4 GHz over public roads and as well as the Metropolitan Council Richards Bay that is using 2.5ghz , the same question crops up.

    (oh yes is there anybody on myadsl forum that can tell us were we can find high sites JHB areas only , fee internet for the person that has i high site or we will pay a monthy fee.)

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    I know govmint has various licences for it's ever expanding network. Their NW costs them to the tune for some 4/5 mil a month. Cape-Town just upgraded theirs ...

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