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Thread: "Upgrade" back to the old package

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    Default "Upgrade" back to the old package

    hi everyone
    does anyone know how do I "upgrade" back to the old package and when can we start doing this?
    they put me on this thing called wireless 2 but i dont really like it, I want to upgrade back to the old 1Gb + 64K throttled
    phone the call center last week but this lady dont seems to know what i am talking about of going back to the old package

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    r00igev@@r, how about answering the OP's question?

    There's alot of members on this forum, who want to migrate back to their old package with the 64 kbps service, before the end of this month.

    What must the members do, to migrate back to their old package?

    1. Phone helpdesk? (They don't answer, they don't have a clue what people are talking about.)

    2. Send the iBurst rep, requesting to be migrated back to their old package? ([email protected])

    3. Wait until iBurst gives us the green light to go ahead and change the package?

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    i asked the rep this question today, lets hope 4 a answer by tomoz
    Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine

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    Hello r00igev@@r?

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    thanx for the reply

    i would love to know how many users will opt to kick this new package and move back to the old throttled enabled packages.
    Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine

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    thanx Ronald
    lets hope there will be some positive feedback

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    r00igev@@r, seeing that you are so very helpful, do you know if/when the new VASs/packages will be announced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r00igev@@r View Post
    The formal communication is being prepared for release and we'll post it as soon as it is available.

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