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Thread: Web server router issues

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    Default Web server router issues

    Please can some one list the basic steps involved with setting up a webserver behind a router running conextant chipset(same as the Marconi sort of).

    I have forwarded port 80 but alas nothing. Please if some one has the time list very basic step by step instructions from the begining process.
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    If you can browse to Ip Address, then you have a Name Services Problem

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    Yeah, i would start with browsing the local network ip address. If that works try browsing your public ip address. With some routers it wont allow you to browse your webserver on your public address. (I forgot the term used, but basically doesnt allow from inside the network to go out over the router and then try & come back in. I know definately that the netgears have that problem.)

    So try using a pc thats not going through your router to access your public ip.
    If that works then setup dynamic dns, & u should be ok

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