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Thread: Bye-Bye Dial-Up (US)

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    Default Bye-Bye Dial-Up (US)
    Bye-Bye Dial-Up: Broadband Ubiquity Chugging Right Along

    Eighty-eight million American households will be Internet-connected by the year 2010, and 78 percent of those households will have broadband access, according to a report issued Thursday from Darien, Conn.-based Jupiter Research. Dial-ups may soon be a thing of the past...

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    Not here it won`t.

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    Picture it: it's the year 2030, and the latest web headline reads:

    In a news article published on:

    Telkom has announced that it plans to rollout its latest offering to all major metropolitan areas. This latest product, called Multi User Partially Phased Enhanced Transmission (or MUPPET for short) will allow the majority of South Africans to access the internet at the blazing speed of "up to" 2 mbits/sec. Not only this, but they will be allowed "up to" 6 GB of traffic per month, after which they will be throttled to dial up speeds (for those that were born before dial up days - dial up is an ancient communication device that communicated at 56kbit/sec over analog telephone line... a "k" being 1/1024th of an "M" which is in term 1/1024th of a "G" in case you were wondering... ).

    When asked why Telkom was actually releasing such a painfully slow and restricted service as their flagship product when in other parts of the world 10 Gbit/sec + 500 TB cap were the norm for home users, Telkom's PR officer simply stated that "Telkom's offerings are on par with global offerings. In Europe all the ISPs offer a 6GB cap... honest..."
    "Veni, Vidi, Vici." - I came, I saw, I looked great in a toga. OR DID I?!?

    "All your international bandwidth are belong to us!" [sic] - Telkom. OR DOES IT?!?

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    We don't even have 24/7 dialup in this country! Does say alot about Telkom's commitment to connectivity...

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    Quote Originally Posted by antowan
    We don't even have 24/7 dialup in this country! Does say alot about Telkom's commitment to connectivity...
    And just as much about their commitment to profiteering.

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    Telkom's only commitment is to their wallets - and my only commitment is getting as many telkom customers to the sno when they arrive.. hopefully i wont have a grey beard and a walking stick by then.
    Telkom go google go!

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