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Thread: Anyone have a clue about gun licencing???

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    Default Anyone have a clue about gun licencing???

    I inherited a 357 magnum last year, maybe even before, and have been trying ever since to get a licence for it. (First registration for me) After getting both competency certificates, the SAPS remittance of receipt of application and the signed permission to store the firearm, the executor of the will will still not release the weapon as I haven't got the right paperwork! WTF! I have been sikkeling for over a year and still have not even fired it yet.

    Can anyone help as to what I need, the police in Strand told me I could store the gun with my competency and my signed permission to store document. Does anyone know otherwise? And should someone break into my house and the weapon is used in self defence, will there be any comeback on the executor?

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    I am more or less in the same boat.

    You are allowed to store the gun and only use it for self defence because you have all the correct paperwork.

    My brother recently received his licence after applying for it in 2006, so it could be a very long wait before the licence is issued.

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    You are not allowed to be in possession of a firearm until you have the official license. I bought 2 firearms a while ago, put down a deposit and applied for the license after getting the competency certs. About 3 months in a police officer came to my house to check out my safe and about 4 months after that I got my license. You have to wait for the license card before you can legally be in posession of the firearm.

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    Well well, what do you know, got my licence last week. Diabolical!

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    My license took 3 and a half years to get. Be grateful you even got it as it's a 50 50 chance that you would or wouldn't get it for a 1st self defence application now days.

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    If you do the application properly there is no reason not to get a license. I used the services of an ex-policeman who knows exactly what is required for the motivations etc etc.

    They are doing the licenses quickly these days. I got mine after about 6 months - start to finish. (First timer too)

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    Hi, can I suggest you go to the forum on if you need firearm advice. these okes know the law and they will be more able to assist with tips and other facts to expedite the procedure. Mods please remove if this is the wrong thing to do but as it is not a technical forum thought it might assist others in the same boat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juggy View Post
    You are not allowed to be in possession of a firearm until you have the official license.
    You are allowed to store the firearm in your own safe before you have a license for it. This is mostly applicable if you buy the gun privately and not from a gun dealer where it's already stored in a safe place.

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