vigilantis WOW thank you so so much for sourcing all this info;

I just fixed my BSY'd ST3500320AS using your guide and recovered 18gig of photographs which i thought were lost for good!
I had an original nokia cable lying around the house from an old phone, it did not work.

Got the blue/black cable form Brightwater for a mere R100.

One thing that was a bit different though was the CA-42 cable that I got, it only had 3 wires, green (GRD), white (RX) and yellow (TX). worked immediately.

I did the whole thing on Windows 7.
If anyone needs a compatible driver for the's called the "Arkmicro USB-UART controller driver"
You can find a link to it lower down in this guys blog post:

Also, Hyper-terminal is not included in Windows 7 so here is a copy of the XP version attached to this article:

Oh and before I forget...Take that Seagate! Ha