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Thread: Corsa utility 1.4 fuel economy/consumption

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersunbird View Post
    Now I don't feel so bad about my 1.6 Bantams consumption lol
    1.6 engines usually get better mileage than 1.4 engines in my experience. Used to own a Corsa with a SuperBoss engine in (2litre 16valve) and it got 14km/l which I can never get on a 1.4 or 1.6, the engine had so much power that you just touch the throttle and you are at speed whereas the 1.4 engine is usually worked quite hard.

    Quote Originally Posted by fs87 View Post
    I get 780kms of a tank on my bantam 1.3i so I don't feel to bad, I have a buddy that just got a corsa and it only does 630kms per tank. There is definitely something wrong here. GL needs to fix this...
    Comparing how far you get on a tank doesn't make much sense, for example Corsa B has a 46 litre tank but even between models it's likely tank sizes differ. Rather use km/l or l/100km
    If the Corsa C does have a 46 litre tank however and he gets 630km per tank that is 13.69km per litre of petrol which isn't terrible.

    Quote Originally Posted by appels View Post
    my mother has the corsa enjoy 1.4 and in town it gets just over the 500km mark on a tank not much in my opinion for a 1.4 but on the open road it gets 15.3km/l very good. my 1.6 golf(citi-rox) gets 14 km/l open road 9-10 km/l town. dads dteq gets 11.6 open road 10.5 km/l town
    The Corsa Enjoy (It's a Corsa D right?) engine isn't comparable to the Corsa B/C. Corsa D 1.4 uses a completely different engine.

    Corsa B and C engines however are comparable, differences between them are so small that they are essentially the same.

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    i have the corsa utility 1.4 base and am getting over 700kms on a tank. The average is about 14km per l

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTTB View Post
    I have one Corsa 1.8 Sedan left from the Opels we used to own that my daughter still drives and my father has the Utility.
    If there was ever a reason I would never buy a Corsa again it would be for the reason of Fuel Consumption on both the 1.4 and 1.8 models. Always been a mystery to me? Performance too.

    My father last year was at his wits end with his 1.8 Corsa Bakkie getting 7/8Km to a litre and the vehicle was still under Warranty. He still joked with the guys at GM that if he wanted this sort of fuel economy he would have bought a V8 Bakkie instead.
    To cut a long story short in his instance they removed his computer unit and intake sensor and swapped the parts with an identical Corsa Bakkie they had at the workshop and then it worked like it should. I think he gets in the region of 12 to 14 Km per litre now and it all seems Ok again.
    My father who was in the Automotive Industry years ago and knows a little bit about cars although his knowledge is now outdated reckons the problem lays with the sensor unit on the intake manifold. A small little plastic switch looking thing situated (if you are standing in front of the vehicle) at the back against the firewall on top of the manifold.

    My experience although I have not changed anything on the car is as follows:
    Fiirstly, you have to make sure that you fill the petrol tank up to the top and here you would have to supervise the petrol attendant to do so and then refill your tank the same way later, dividing the kilometres by the number of litres used to get an accurate reading. GM fuel tanks are a pain to refill if you want them filled to the top.
    I found that no matter how fast or slow I drove my consumption never varied much, so basically I never tapped off.
    I found spark plugs made a difference in performance on the 1.8 and with that goes consumption.
    All I know that ever since I had our Corsa I would always be telling the Service Consultants about the performance and consumption. At one service the car would come to life and at another it would be like driving a donkey. I even returned it after one service as the car was dead.
    There was even once I had such incredible fuel economy I thought I was driving a UNO. How that happened I cannot say. All I can say is that the car was inconsistent and in my opinion I think it also has something to do with that Intake Sensor and perhaps the computer, but my guess is the computer is sending the right data, it is the mechanical parts/sensors on the vehicle that wear or do not function properly. Perhaps the fuels we use do not lubricate these sensor unit properly. I know by adding small amounts of Two Stroke Oil to your fuel tank can lubricate parts in your engine assembly, but better to ask your Service Manager for advice on that one.

    My 2c
    She's running the way he thinks it should? Your father did a good job then. Personally, I would not have gone that far. On the account that I only go by what I know and what I know is not that much. Gnome's a fella who surely knows his stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rome_rod View Post
    She's running the way he thinks it should? Your father did a good job then. Personally, I would not have gone that far. On the account that I only go by what I know and what I know is not that much. Gnome's a fella who surely knows his stuff.
    You having fun digging up old threads rome_rod?

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    As many have stated, the 1.4 engine used in the Corsa B/C is not a very refined engine - I have first hand experience of that.

    At the start of the year we got (as gift) a 2006 Corsa B (Lite) with 40,000km on the clock for my wife to drive to Hermanus and back on a weekly basis. She is a very economical driver and managed about 8.5l/100km with the Corsa but when she took our 2001 Astra G 1.6 with 170,000km on she managed a remarkable 7.1l/100km! Keep in mind the Astra is much older and heavier than the Corsa and it also had aircon which she had on the whole time. GMSA really messed up with those 1.4 engines. Luckily the Corsa Lite has since been traded on for a Corsa D with EU5 emission levels.
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    A tonnue cover (spelling?) also helps a lot with fuel consumption, see that on my bantam. The airflow doesn't come to an abrupt stop against the bin door, it functions more like a big wing giving downforce on the rear.
    Quote Originally Posted by saor View Post
    saor is a dumbass

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    Boet you need a Bantam...

    I've got a 1.3i aswell, just did a 540km trip, loaded, driving 130km/h open roads, stopping about 20 times with aircon running, I got 12.4km/l...

    Whats your tyre pressures?

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    Oh dear!! We just got a brand new Corsa Utility 1.4 and it seems to be chowing fuel as well.... also told it will be heaviest for the first 5 tankfuls... The 500km / 630 km that you guys quote to a tankful - is that to the fuel light of right till empty??

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    Quote Originally Posted by frodo View Post
    Hi all

    I recently purchased an Opel Corsa Utility 1.4 Club. I have now done just over a 1000km. The dilemma I am faced with is the VERY poor fuel economy. 3 Tanks filled so far. The last 2 I was getting less than 10km/l

    I have spoken to an agent service manager who reckons the fuel is automatically managed by a sensor. A closed circuit which can not be tuned. He also reckons the engine is still very tight and still using running in oil. Apparently I can expect it to better after the first oil change on 15,000 km.

    I find the poor fuel efficiency a bit hard to swallow.

    Does anybody have some recommendations or experience(s) to share?


    I have the 1.4i (2003 or 2004 model) and I am getting around 12 km/l (do 20km open road and 12km bumper to bumper traffic in 5 days a week).

    Quote Originally Posted by snail View Post
    i have the corsa utility 1.4 i base (the new chev model) and i get over 600km on a tank.
    How big is the tank?
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    We have 2 Corsa 1.4s at the workshop, driven by guys with heavy feet and only around town, rushing from job to job. plus a Ford Bantam 1.3

    One Corsa gets 8.9 l/100km and the other gets 9.2 l/100km. The Ford Bantam gets 10.1 l/100km. (Figures over 12 months) My BMW 318ti with a 1.9 litre engine gets 7.8 l/100km, so I think it depends a lot on your driving style.

    Is the air-cleaner filter clean, less than 9000km on it, are the spark plugs ok? Are the tyres inflated correctly (we pump ours to 2.2 bars) All these factors influence fuel efficiency
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    Older 1.4 Corsa engines are pretty bad, ask Gnome if you want to know more.
    The newer ones are much better. I get about 7l/100km with my 2010 74kw 1.4
    You can do something for love, you can do something for money, but there is nothing quite so satisfying as doing something out of spite - Jeremy Clarkson, 1991

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devill View Post

    How big is the tank?
    Well generally if I only drive it I fill between 46-50 litres (and that's not even completely full so I presume its a 60L tank)

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    My dad's Nissan NP 200 1.6 L seems to be getting 17-19km/l. He does drive it very sparingly though.
    Can't think of anything wise to say atm thanks.

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    I bought my Corsa Utility 1.4 in 2008 and from day 1 complained about economy and performance which was seldom better than 10km/l, never driven hard or with load. After complaining at the Delta PR devision I was requested to have it tested by the local dealer, during which I accompanied them. I filled the tank and we drove 100km on the highway, two people, no load at a speed of 100km/h as per GPS (this 100km felt like an eternity while they were trying to have the engine run on fumes). Test result was 11km/l which was in my opinion still rediculas. Delta phoned me back and said that they have consulted with their tech devision and that this was acceptable according to them and did not feel that anything was wrong. Also recommended installing a "taunny" cover. Thus, economy and performance on the 1.4 sucks.

    Presently I am looking for a 1.8 to replace my 1.4 seeing that the kw and Nm values are much better. But after reading your post Gnome, your opinion on the 1.8 have me concerned. What is the problem with the 1.8 Corsa Utility engine and is it not such a good idea to upgrade from 1.4 to 1.8?
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    Here's a stats summary for my 2011 Chevrolet Corsa 1.4 Club, which I've had from new:

    Refuels: 34
    Days (12/09/2011 - 16/06/2012): 278
    Avg Days Between Refuels: 8.2
    Estimated use: 80% City, 20% Highway, with ~2% driven loaded

    Avg. km/l: 10.79 km
    Avg. l/100km: 9.445 l
    Est. Range (50l tank): 539.52 km
    Avg. R / km: R 1.04

    Odometer: 13906 km
    Total Fuel Spend: R 14 297.10
    R / km * Odometer: R 14 492.91

    No cover/canopy. Nothing spent on anything else. Due for it's first service in about 800km. I wouldn't say I drive "sparingly" but certainly not aggressive (you have to drop a few gears up hills =). My partner drives it as well, she's about the same.
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