Eugene got his first computer in 1984 when his friend lent him his ZX-81 with one 1 kilobyte of memory. Eugene was immediately hooked and taught himself assembly language, Logo, Basic, and Pascal. After high school he spent a year in Silicon Valley California studying computer engineering technology.

In 1991 Eugene started a career as a hardware technician whereupon he found that he had a passion for networking. He was one of the CNEs in South Africa and quickly became a specialist in a number of key networking disciplines, such as e-mail, routing, and server-based computing. In 1996 Eugene went to the London in the United Kingdom as a contractor and did a number of project management consignments for major international banks. During his tenure in the United Kingdom Eugene also worked at Microsoft's Northern European support centre as a Secondary Response Group engineer for Exchange.

Snowball Effect was started in September 1998 when Eugene finally decided to pursue the dream of running his own business. Eugene describes himself as having a passion for problem solving and enjoys technology and business.