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Thread: Incorrect settings detected SMS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital_Nomad View Post
    Got the same SMS but from a DIFFERENT number ( 0820092020 ), replied "yes" to it and the result:

    Prepaid balance before replying "yes" = R14-76

    Prepaid balance AFTER replying "yes" = R 4-76 - OOPS!!!

    Clearly a rip-off !!!

    Hope you [email protected]#$%^&* choke on the R10-00 you just scammed out of me. God forbid the day I stop being a good person and start applying my knowledge to crime.
    Send your details to VD so we can trace it. The Touch Point system won't charged for an SMS. This sounds fishy.

    The system automatically fixes a few million incorrectly configured handsets per month. During the soccer world cup, Touch Point was a significant contributor to foreign visitors having a good network experience.

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    I also keep on getting this SMS and it seems to occur when my active APN is FNB Connect.

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