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Thread: Download Speed on my 512 line

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    Default Download Speed on my 512 line

    Hi there i recently upgraded from 384 - 512 average download speed on my 384 was maximum 30 - that i upgraded to a 512line i thought that the download speed should be faster....but i am getting still the same speed of 30 - 45kbps out of my 512line.....i am with Cybersmart......i am using a Netgear Wireless Modem DG834G....Can anyone help me or advice me what i should be asking my ISP.....I did send a couple of emails to them but it seems that nothing id happening.....please any good person who is willing to assist me are heartly welcome.....thanx for all the reply of all those who wants to assist me

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    Yeah you getting about the right speeds for that line. maybe use a download manager see if that improves your speed.

    Should be 50+- but seems a lot of isp are having trouble in profiding us the full speed of our line.
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    Check in you routers config at what speed your line sync's.
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    it could be your line attenuation?

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