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Thread: Make Samsung BD-C5500 region free for DVD

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    Cool Make Samsung BD-C5500 region free for DVD

    I picked up a Samsung BD-C5500 blu-ray player and was surprised to find that it would not play my Zone 1 DVD's.

    Google came up with nothing, but I found some instructions to make the BD-P1600 region free, so I thought I'd try them. Worked like a charm for DVD's, but not sure if the same is true for BD's. All the BD's I've got are region B or discs that are already region free.

    Here is how you do it.

    Region code hack posted by scottieuk, July 05 2009:
    Credit for this hack goes to RABSP, although I've modified
    it slightly.
    It's basically the same method used for the Samsung BD-1500.

    I used it on my brand new Samsung BD-1600 today and it
    worked on the first try using the code below.
    My unit is a Region 2 (UK) machine.

    1) Press the POWER button on the remote to turn on the
    machine (no disc in the tray).

    2) Wait till the player has booted up and the Samsung logo
    screen is displayed.

    3) Press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the remote twice, to open
    then close the disc tray.

    4) As soon as you see "No-Disc" displayed in the top left
    corner, press the REPEAT button followed by the 5 digit code
    for your current region as listed below.

    (Mine was 57538 for region 2)

    Don't press the REPEAT button for too long, just smoothly
    press REPEAT 5 7 5 3 8.

    If it doesn't work straight away, keep trying, mine worked
    on the first go.

    5) If you're successful, your current region code will be
    displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

    6) Press '9' to make your player region free.

    7) Turn the player off, then on again and test with a
    different region disc, or if you don't have one to test
    with, just repeat the hack and instead of your old region
    code appearing in the top left corner of your screen, you
    should see '9' if you've been successful.

    The hack can be repeated to turn your machine back to it's
    original settings or to a particular region if the disc is
    sensative to region free machines.

    Region Codes

    R1 - 29334
    R2 - 57538
    R3 - 56732
    R4 - 76884
    R5 - 53814
    R6 - 24462
    Worked for me YMMV.

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    Default Messed region code

    I tried it and it worked.
    However, I messed when entering the desired region code and pressed "7" instead of "9".
    How can I fix it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobJones View Post
    All the BD's I've got are region B or discs that are already region free.
    Your BDs are Region Locked to Region B.

    It is possible to buy Region Free Panasonic (and other) Bluray players from the web which are Region free for DVD (not a big achievement) and Region free for Bluray. Like it or not, USA and Japan have a wider selection of stuff for Bluray and DVD.
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    Very cool! Thanks for the walk through. I was able to get it to work for DVD's, but not for blue rays. It would really be nice to go region free for blue ray, so if anyone knows how I might go about accomplishing this, I would love to hear about it. By any chance is anyone here a dish tv los angeles customer? I am thinking about subscribing, though I am a little hesitant to sign a contract. Do you think I would be happy with my service? Thanks.
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    There don't seem to be many that are region free for bluray.

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    Yes, works. Samsung Blue Ray BD-5500. This is the same as above, maybe clearer:

    1. Ensure that there is no disk in the tray.

    2. Switch the player off and then back on. This is necessary to clean-boot the

    3. Wait until the main menu page appears and the player stops doing

    4. Press the eject button on your remote to open the tray.

    5. Press the eject button on your remote to close the tray.

    6. As soon as the "No Disk" message appears at the top left corner do the following.

    8. Press the RETURN button

    9. Enter 57538 on the number pad.

    10. The region code "2" should appear at the top left corner of the screen.(this just flashed on then off, so keep an eye on the screen)

    11. Enter a "9" to make the player region free.

    12. Power down and power up again.

    13. Play a foreign DVD to verify the change.


    Firstly, you must start entering the code just after the "No Disk" message is shown and before the message disappears.

    Secondly, the RETURN key is part of the code. All six keys must be entered smoothly as "RETURN 57538". The entry gets timed out so you can't stop in the middle and restart.

    If you don't see the "2" the first time, don't worry. Just start from step 4 again (took me 2 goes to get it, it is all about the timing)

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    New remotes for this model does not have the repeat button. What is the other alternative instead of pressing repeat button?

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