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Thread: Novatel MiFi 2352 3G Router / Hotspot hanging problems

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    Default Novatel MiFi 2352 3G Router / Hotspot hanging problems

    Bought one two days ago and it's back in the shop for an OBF replacement.

    Here are the problems I have sent it back for:

    1) When device is off, it hangs completely as soon as you plug the charger in (!)
    To get it to live again you have to remove the battery and reinsert it.

    2) When it's charging but completely idle in WLAN mode, it hangs completely
    Again, to get it functioning you have to flip the battery.

    Anyone else having similair issues?

    Under other circumstances it works REALLY well, but unfortunately leaving it idle overnight means that the next morning you have to flip the battery to get it working again. May sound simple but the battery cover is a totally unforgiving b*tch to get off. And that's no over-exageration.

    I'm using it in a mostly Apple environment (MacBook Pro, iPhone 3G, iPad, Apple TV, PS3) and it allows everyone to connect and have Internet fun - when its working.

    Based on a few reports in a forum in Singapore, there are mutterings about whether or not it can be used while the battery is charging, but they were posted in September last year, so not sure whether the firmware/hardware has been upgraded. Either way, the forum members there say that the device was withdrawn because of customer complaints - for a short while. I was able to use it while plugged into the charger - UNTIL it went totally idle - then it would freeze after a short while. So I can't really say what the problem really is at the moment. Not sure whether mine was a dud, or whether it's just a silly device?

    If you're interested - here's the Singapore forum's link:

    And if you'd like a walkthrough of what the device is about:

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    Hello Judge 404. I received my mifi 2352 router on monday. At a meeting today the device kept on hanging. I would switch it on, it would connect, then I would use my iPad for a couple of minutes, and then I would realise that I cannot access the internet anymore. I then have to remove the battery of the mifi and to restart as the power button is non responsive. Have you had any luck? Could you solve the problem, or should I send the device back?

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    I have the same problem. Not sure if it is heat related as it does tend to get hot. Only solution is to remove battery and start again. A PITA!

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    Also Having issues with my MiFi 2352.

    Got it yesterday. It intermittently hangs and then the only way to restart it is to remove the battery.
    My iPhone and Nokia 5800 are more reliable modems than this!

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    Have been using one since Nov 09, does get hot, in use and when charging. Mine not Vodafone branded, and I have updated firmware twice since then.

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    Took my MiFi in for a OBF and the new one works much better... Luck of the draw I guess.
    Also updated the firmware a few days ago, doesn't make any significant impact except that the interface is now novatel branded and HSDPA makes the connection indicator purple instead of light blue like it used to.

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    Where does one get updated firmware? mine has started with the hanging problem - 4 months old. The software says there a re no updates available.

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    Is there a firmware update for the Mi-Fi router?

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    I used firmware from sourced from this link . , have used exansys inthe past. Latest ver 5.26.2, and also enables the GPS functions.

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    Hmmmm, wonder when this will be available on the Vodacom site as an official upgrade?

    Anyone know what this firmware fixes?

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