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Thread: Free Replacement Vodafone 3G Dialer Software (with Signal Strength Graph and Info)

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    Smile Free Replacement Vodafone 3G Dialer Software (with Signal Strength Graph and Info)

    (I've started a new thread for this software, as the initial thread is for the more technically inclined.)

    If you have problems with the Vodafone Mobile Connect software, either crashes, slow response or because it's a memory hog, try this free replacement Vodafone 3G dialer software.

    Download it from here: (2.76 MB)

    Novatel U630 PC Card (version 14 firmware)
    Vodafone Mobile Connect (version 5)

    Screen sample:

    Unique features:
    Reconnect if disconnected (Keep alive)
    Connect to a secondary connection after primary connected (e.g. VPN)
    Fast, small and doesn't crash

    Install the Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) software as per normal and create your profile. Test the connection. Close VMC. Start the 3G Vodafone Dialer, select your profile and click Connect.

    Original thread:
    Last edited by biometrics; 29-11-2005 at 09:42 AM.

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    Arrow More connection software

    For those who don't want to download 54MB,
    You can also try MobiLink Universal Connection Manager from Novatel Wireless.
    It's on their website, under software for the U530 datacard.
    It works fine with my U630 datacard.

    Why such a massive download, for the new vodafone dashboard? How much software is needed for a few initialization strings. I got my card working under linux without any dialer software and extra drivers. Just a few settings, same as installing a generic external modem under windows. You get 1234 files and 241 new folders with the new software. I can't imagine such a big programming effort for a device that should normally have a very simple interface to you OS.

    Programmers of this kind of software should optimize rather than impress. Most people still have slow pc's and little memory. The others need maximum resources for their games and applications.

    Visit and see what you can do with 64KB!

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    md5sum = c3f0bd5939c8c11be88fe19c0d9bb50e

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    Default Please help!

    Hi biometrics,

    I have absolutely no luck with the Dashboard App (it connects for about 5 minutes then disconnects), so I've downloaded your app out of pure desperation. I couldn't even use the Dashboard connection to download your app (it disconnects halfway through the download); I had to do it via my Telkom dialup account.

    And now I can't even get the Vodafone 3G Dialer app to connect.
    It shows "Connecting..." for about 15 seconds. Then it changes to "Connected to 3G Preferred connection" for another 15 seconds. It alternates between these two states al the time. During this time the LED on the datacard flashes red.

    My setup is as follows:

    Dashboard: Vodafone Mobile Connect (version 5.00 0017)
    Datacard: Merlin U630
    Windows XP (SP2)
    Laptop : Fujitsi Siemens Armada (or something)
    Centrino 1.4
    My profile is "3G Preferred connection" but at home I can only get GPRS.

    Please help!

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    I've updated the dialer to display a signal strength graph over time. Useful if you want to aim an external antenna.

    This is a test version so only the exe is on the ftp site. As before, install the main setupkit listed above and then replace the exe in C:\Program Files\ - Vodafone 3G Dialer\ with the one below.

    Download it from here: (80 KB)

    Screen sample:
    Last edited by biometrics; 23-11-2005 at 09:16 PM.

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    Interesting results when you run the graph in areas where you have had trouble before, like my bedroom and bathroom ...

    Marginal coverage:

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    Version 1.4:
    - Info (APN, IMEI, Firmware, Network)
    - Signal strength graph shows dBm scale (-53, -67, -81, -95, -109)
    - Find com port button removed - now automatic

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    Version 1.5:
    - More responsive interface (e.g. minimize while connecting)

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    Default Anyone still working on this?

    Is anyone still playing around with signal meters. I have a U630 and a Option quad lite, but with dashboard ver 6 and the app does not work. I need the signal meter as I and a number of farmer friends would find the meters usefull to piont our yagi arials in the correct direction. If not, does anyone know where I can down load Dash board Ver 5?


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    does anyone know about any another software like this for the huawei e620? - Mobile Tech News

    Viva o Sporting, viva Portugal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagle-slayor View Post
    does anyone know about any another software like this for the huawei e620?
    I'd also be very interested

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    me too!

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    is there any dialer that can work with Windows 98 for the U630?

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    cant find the mobilink software download.....and can that work on win 98 in any case?

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    hi, i am looking for signal analysis software for the huawei e220 usb modem, not sure if that already mentioned here will work, will test, and will keep looking and post here if I find anything, but in the meantime if anyone has an idea of something that might be available...

    regards, Pieter

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