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Thread: 50-75% packet loss and then it went dead...

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    Default 50-75% packet loss and then it went dead...

    I've been struggling with my connection at home for the last 5 days.
    Can't play wow and I can't update steam.
    Can't hear anything using a VoIP app - whatever the person on the other side is saying, just breaks up into noise.
    Then last night I could not browse internationally. Could not use msn. Could not browse locally (could not even open the page). Only thing left was irc. I decided to try and ping some sites - 75% packet loss; 50% packet loss.
    And then it died completely. Gave up, went to bed... this morning still no luck with reconnecting.

    Has anybody had similar problems?

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    Have you tried phoning 0800DSLDSL? (0800375375)

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    Yes I have already phoned them twice. Got BS'ed last nite and this morning's call did not help much either.

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    that sucks, happened in various areas in cpt aswell selectively.. They targetting the WOW addicts? ;-)

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    Can't play wow and I can't update steam.
    Thank God it's not just me. I've been "Preparing to play Counter-Strike:Source" since Sunday evening and am now a whopping 17% complete. Nothing like watching the download speed fluctuate between 4KB/sec and 0KB/sec.

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    Your line speed is approximately 422.5 Kbps or 51.8 kBytes/sec
    You could have ****ing fooled me.

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