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middle aged and don't know much about technology
Quit reading the stuff off your blackberry's box cause you are giving your game away.

I'm a few years away from being middle aged but I have used Nokia phones more extensively than you will ever be able to do with any fruit. I was around when Psion slapped Blackberry in die face (yeah, Psion is Symbian's grand dad). I used a Nokia 6210 via Irda to dial-up over HSCSD - modem tethering is something fruits only recently managed and then they have the audacity to call them selves business phones! I downloaded Jabber and IRC J2ME midlets on a 7250i when GPRS still cost R25/MB - I had chat on my phones before blackberry dreamed up BiS. Unlimited downloads? I downloaded gigabytes for free using my 6230 via USB back in 2005/2006 when EDGE was still in trail phase and Vodacom had a billing issue on packet data. Seeing a phone download at 28kb/s was pretty awesome - know it was for free... well that was out of this world!

I took some pretty sweet photos on a 6230i and 6233 before N-series hit it big and then when I finally got N-series I went for the imaging king - the N82 and let me tell you something sonny, some of my N82 pics will make keen hobbyist with SLR cameras pay attention.

So you still think I am middle aged and just go for the brand they know? No - I go for phones that enable me to do the new stuff first and to kick ass while I am doing it. Blackberries are supposed to be for business people but seriously, an E-series takes the snot out of it and it works perfectly without the need for special internet. I do more on a 5800XM using SymVPN & SymRDP than most deadwood managers with TwakBerries can even comprehend.