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Thread: Sony Erricson help please

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    Default Sony Erricson help please

    Hello All,

    I've never had a gps device of my own, and after today I decided that I would like to get my hands on a Sony Erricson with built in GPS. Reason? I would like to experiment with the free software called Google Latitude.

    According to wikipedia (Both the Sony Ericsson W995, C903, C510 and Satio mobile phones support Google Latitude as part of their built-in Google Maps application) have built in support for the Google Latitude feature.

    I'm trying to get hold of any of these 3 models of Sony Erickson.

    Would anyone here know where I can get these phones on contract?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Read the new Vodacom specials post.

    New deals from 6 August.

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    I recently got my wife a C903 and used the Google Maps built in, but never tried Google Latitude. If this is all you want it's fine, but if you want actual "voice navigation" you rather go for a smartphone. I just couldn't find a free Java navigation program. The C903 comes with a trial of Wayfinder, but after that you have to pay a heavy annual licence to use the navigation feature.

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    I like the phone.
    I also got it for the gps device, but only the google maps part works well.
    The wayfinder that came with the phone is the crapiest software I ever used.
    I was hoping to get the flash to stay on as a flashlight [torch] but cannot do it.

    But the menu works easy, and the phone is a pleasure.

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    Hi and thanks for all the replies.

    I am indeed monitoring the topic about the Upcoming specials very closely, but I believe it is a lost cause since these phones are already very hard to come by without them being on a special too..

    We have such rich cellphone companies but they manage to under supply all the elite phones for some reason..

    Will wait and see on the 6th if any store will be willing to sell these phones for the Special price.

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