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Thread: Amobia vs. Wimax

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    Default Amobia vs. Wimax

    Just so you know, I am duplicating this post in the Wifi & Wisp thread.

    Who is using Amobia? does anyone know what kind of latency/speeds/service I can expect vs. Wimax? WM is currently in place, but obviously, the higher speed offering from Amobia might be a lot better.

    Comments? Concerns?

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    No no no...Amobia not awesome anymore!!!!
    I have been with Amobia since June 2011 and it started out with great speeds, awesome service. Installation then happened very quickly...was on a 3Mbps line and at some time they upgraded it to 4Mpbs with no increase in cost. Service was always quick and responsive...lately though I have found their service sucks...emails logging especially account queries go unanswered/unacknowledged...there's no comms done on outages (I think they kinda wish away the problems and think if they don't talk about it then the outage will go away and clients wont complain)...trying to get a credit note raised on your account for any outage is like trying to pull teeth out of something...connectivity has been erratic and now I just decided to jump ship and am in the market again looking...YahClick options are way too expensive and low bandwidth allocation...haven't tried Screamer yet but any other options on offer out there?

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    Screamer also used to be awesome, but lately we're suffering in much the same way as you are with Amobia. I'm also not sure which way to turn, and would welcome any advice.

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    Just an update to advise anyone considering Screamer that they have sunk into unuseable-ness now.

    I have cancelled my contract with them - which is a pity, as I've been with them for many years and they still have a much better accounts department than iBurst.

    But I just can't use my WiFi anymore with them. It's down over half the time.

    No good, Screamer.

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