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Thread: Please help: DGN2000 PPPoe with PPPoE Relay problem

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    Question Please help: DGN2000 PPPoe with PPPoE Relay problem


    I am using a router on PPPoE with PPPoE with Relay selected in WaN settings, the main account is telkom, my account is Axxess uncapped (512 on a 4mb line), which i dial up with. The router is a Netgear DGN2000

    I was being connected 24/7 predominantly torrenting things, and there was very little problems, except for the occasional time (3 times in 2 weeks) where the rotuer needed to be reset, to restore net connection to the main telkom account, while I wasnt cut. Restarting my computer, and refreshing my connection seemed to fix this temporarily (this is a smaller problem to the main one. If anyone knows what must be done to fix this, would be helpful too)

    Then i warned that unless I padi extra rent, to only have the computer on at night, between 8pm and 8am. THAT VERY day, i got dcd from the net sometime during the night, and was unable to reconnect before 7:30am. The next day, I got dcd at 11:10pm, and was unable to reconnect till 7:30 again, and the day after (last night), i AGAIN got dcd at 11:10pm. Every time i tried to recon, I got told that there was a problem with the modem or other connecting device. Please note that this cut me off during of a connected session.

    I have since found out that the family, on the telkom side of things, was also dcd from the net, until the modem was reset (possibly explaining the 7:30 recon time for me), on all 3 days. They are blaming me for this, and if its not fixed i'll lose my internet (I know no-one cares about that, but help me anyway)

    We ran a test this morning, and found out that if i shut down the PC, and then turn it off at the power switch at the back, it can jolt (1 out of 2 times) the network router into simulating the problem. (Why, i dunno) As this is what I am doing at night, that could possibly explain their problem in the morning. What i don't get is why am i being dcd at 11:10 at night? Coz thats the main problem, afaik.

    P.S Why does NO help guy know what PPPoE with Relay is?

    It seems to be a router problem, as Telkom says the house never lost its telkom connection in the last week, and they assure me that their was no techy working on the line at all.

    Unfortunately, while resetting a router isnt a major thing, the effort to do this is seen as unacceptable by the family. So that cannot be a solid solution for me

    EDIT: Would a faulty network cable cause this problem?
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