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Thread: Axxess 4096k Unshaped speeds?

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    Angry Axxess 4096k Unshaped speeds?

    For a some time now I've had appalling speeds on the Axxess 4096k Unshaped account and wondering if I'm the only one.

    Right now, even with it being a new month, to say it's crawling along is ambitious. I'm lucky if the site ever finishes loading and I get results like 0.07 or 0.09 at the high end for the download (that's when it actually loads) and the upload speed seems normal at 0.42. Personally I find it a bit fishy when my download speed drops below my upload speed.

    I don't know of any network problems but this is getting more than just a little ridiculous, is anyone else having such useless speeds?

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    I am on Axxess 4096K, No problem here. I Live in Centurion

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