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Thread: The ANC and its Struggle - Revisited

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    Default The ANC and its Struggle - Revisited

    From a dispassionate historical point of view, the 'struggle' for Apartheid
    wasn't very successful. At all. Yes they got power, but look at the time
    it took - for a movement to start in around 1918 - and get essentially
    nowhere until 1994, tells you something. Namely that the ANC wasn't a
    very good liberation army, and the majority of people weren't that interested
    in what it had to say.

    Especially seeing as it was deals made with local business where the ANC
    promised NOT to nationalise industries, that finally got them given the
    country - as pressure was put on the State by local business to negotiate
    deals to handover power/hold free elections. (I was at the airport watching
    the rightwingers scream 'traitor!' at the various business people when they
    came back from that meeting. It was very funny - I was a lefty then

    People with memories might recall the clear statements before that meeting,
    where the ANC and affiliates were clear on the takeover and nationalising of
    key industries, to fund reconstruction. Suddenly all those statements
    disappeared forever.

    Apartheid ended because local business began to feel their profits being
    threatened and too much global bad PR. The ANC, in turn, likes to paint the
    struggle for liberation as 'all their own work' and a glorious manifestation of
    the will of the people. Truth is, from when it was decided to use violence as
    a means - to the final handover, took so long (around 30 years) its clear
    the ANC were incompetent even with their self-described 'liberation'.

    Generally speaking, if a true majority of people are in support of something
    - a crisis point is reached rapidly in a Revolution, for the State opressing the
    people. That never happened here, regardless of how the ANC tries to
    rewrite History in its own image.

    Even the shootings during the uprisings of Soweto '76, beginning with Hector
    Petersen, and rippling through the year of '76 - has been tarted up and held
    up as a chilling and frightening example of how lethal the State was (and by
    inference, who incredibly tough and brave the ANC were to even fight it)

    Lets look at the figures. For the entire year of 1976, aproximately 1300
    activists lost their lives in the fight against the Apartheid Regime.

    Now let's look at the daily unnatural death toll in this supposedly better and
    free democratic South Africa. Remember the recent announcement by police
    that 20 000 people were murdered last year? I saw no media bothering to
    do the breakdown of what that means on a daily basis. 20 000 divided by
    365 - gives you 50+ murders a day. That's the 'official' figure - unofficially,
    I've been figuring the daily death toll to be around 80 -120.

    So just by the official death tolls, every 20 or so days, more of our citizens
    are murdered, in our glorious 'better' South Africa, than died in the whole of
    the 1976 Soweto Uprisings - that are held up as some kind of supreme sacrifice.

    If you want to include the daily deaths from AID'S - which is 600 corpses
    a day, according to the Treatment Action Campaign - then we equal and
    better the entire 1976 death toll, every 2 days.

    That's what our 'democracy' looks like. A massively daily higher unnatural
    death toll - putting us into close on first place as the most violent country
    on Earth. This in combination with a 40% unemployment rate, that can
    never be remedied.

    And suspiciously, there is clearly no rapid emergency planning and action
    being taken, to stop this. Therefore, this situation is more or less exactly
    what this State wants to have happen.

    Crime, death and terror - used as a form of social control. The previous
    Regime used 'real' policemen to enforce its will. The ANC, I'd suggest, uses
    the withdrawal of civil control, to enforce its will.

    Few citizens are now able to walk anywhere, for any great distance, come
    nightfall. The society itself, locks itself into its own prison-cells each night.

    That's social terrorism, created by the State deciding to withdraw social
    security, as a means of authoritarian control of the population. Don't use
    secret policemen, riot cops or death squads - just reduce the effectiveness
    of the existing police, allow massive influxes of foreign immigrants, and - to
    aid the removal of large daily quantities of citizens that the State will never
    be able to house, feed, or employ - allow the massive spread of a killer disease, which kills off a minimum of 600 people a day, mostly from the
    poorest and (to the State's view) most useless citizens.

    Overlay this agenda of social terror and bio-genocide, with much patriotic
    rubbish, much PR about how wonderful this country is - despite no citizens
    being able to stroll freely within it at night - and much illusion about 'the
    glorious future' (despite no logical evidence, based on the foundation of the
    present reality, of this being ever being possible or able to in fact be created)

    And you have a fascist, murderous, corrupt and socially evil Government in
    power, that has killed more people, in just 11 years - than 40 years of the
    previous neo-Nazi Regime combined - and is doing it while paying offensively
    false lip-service to the ideals of 'democracy'.

    As elsewhere in half-hearted and barely competent revolutions, the majority
    of people just wanted to be left alone to make a living, and it was a minority
    of political activists who decided to operate on behalf of everyone.

    Look at the stats of percentages of people who bother to vote in current
    elections, that gives you you a more real story about the actual reality of
    the minority 'politicals' who keep trying to represent themselves as being
    representative of 'everyone'.

    Nope, they just represent that tiny minority of people who voted.

    Welcome to the false illusion and murderous society of the 'new' South Africa.
    "One of the penalties for not taking an interest in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors" Plato

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    All i can say is Excellent post , it should be in the newspaper as well.
    UTD : full signal 100 % of the time , MTU 1352 , RWIN 255520 -external aerial makes a huge difference

    "To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace." George Washington (1732-1799)
    Evil triumphs when good men do nothing !!

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    This could get interesting, or turn into a flamefest - I await with interest, once again, for the "usual suspects"

    I don't have enough knowledge of the situation to agree with LGM's article, but what he points out regarding deaths each day in this country is sobering.

    My own personal feelings about the ANC are bolstered by LGM's short history lesson - and those feelings are that the ANC are incompetent.
    They are simply not up to the task of running this country.

    I find it hard to believe that the state is purposefully allowing rampant crime rates and rising AIDS cases, because that will inevitably chase investment away and their coffers will be drained. Lets face it, the ANC like money a lot.
    Indicating that AIDS effects the poorest, less useful people, I'd challenge that and say it effects everyone and worst of all, blue collar workers. The mining industry, for instance, is under pressure due to an extremely high HIV rate.

    I think this country does have a future, but that depends on loosening the ANC grip on power - a political party who are bloody useless at providing decent social services, so desperately needed.

    The next general election will be a critical point in the future of SA. Should the ANC gain more power, well, we're heading for a one party state. It's up to the people to wake up and realise what a shoddy job is being done of managing social aspects of this country. It seems that big business and self enrichment is the order of the day ...

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    What boggles my mind is that as long as they keep on giving away free t-shirts the masses will just keep on placing an X next too their box without looking around to see if their circumstance has changed in the last 11 years ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mccrack
    What boggles my mind is that as long as they keep on giving away free t-shirts the masses will just keep on placing an X next too their box without looking around to see if their circumstance has changed in the last 11 years ...
    Hopefully not this time - there's a LOT of very angry and dissapointed people.
    The ANC needs to be beaten down to under 60% of the government, the last elections saw them get the 2/3rds majority. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that gives them the power to rewrite the constitution. Dangerous.

    If anything, the opposition parties need to mobilise early simply because the ANC will have the majority of media coverage for the next election.

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    await with interest, once again, for the "usual suspects"
    Are you referring to me?

    well you are wrong, I have no comment on this as it's true. I am very sure though that tibby.dude is going to have a field day with this as the article is being critical of his party.

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    LG - did u vote in the last election?

    Are you registered to vote in the municipal election?
    Demagogy: a political strategy for obtaining and gaining political power by appealing to the popular prejudices, emotions, fears and expectations of the public

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    Quote Originally Posted by scatlett
    LG - did u vote in the last election?

    Are you registered to vote in the municipal election?
    The registration only happens this coming Saterday.

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    Whose left to vote for ? I'm not particularly fond of the DA but they are the "biggest" threat to the ANC and voting for a smaller party such as the ID would seem to be squandering a vote as opposed to putting it behind the strongest contender (DA).

    Input appreciated.

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    Well written, LoneGunman. Excellent post. Good points. Have you submitted this to the local/regional/national press yet?

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    I'll vote for the ACDP again seeing as I agree with their policies.

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    But that's my question neio, is voting for a much smaller party (ACDP) worth the while
    as opposed to voting for the "strongest" contender (DA)

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    It's worth while, it'll be quite interesting to see how many ANC supporters move over to the ACDP in this coming election.
    Bear in mind that the ACDP counselors have the swing vote in many towns, if they dont agree with a specific vote either in favour of the DA or the ANC they dont vote that way. It's quite ironic that the 4th largest party in SA has this power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mccrack
    But that's my question neio, is voting for a much smaller party (ACDP) worth the while
    as opposed to voting for the "strongest" contender (DA)
    Absolutely. Your vote is important and you should vote for the party that reflects your views the best. I'll be voting for the Working Party (Trust me, it's going to be a landslide )
    Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former

    --Albert Einstein

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    Ahhh ... more rightwing drivel being posted on but from somebody else time other than the usual suspects of Kei, Cybermatix and Craig .

    So welcome to the club LG and do enjoy your stay .

    I must say I find this whole white catharses thing playing out on this forum and elsewhere on the internet in places like to be rather amusing.

    What a bunch of sad loosers.

    It must be very hard to realize that you don't call the shots anymore and that you are now the underdogs hence these rather delusional rants by a few fools to justify how better life was for blacks in good old Egypt.

    Has it never occurred to them to ask the opinion of the former slaves themselves rather than the former masters on how they feel ???.

    But then it must be the same delusion idiocy at work in the sign I saw at the recent varsity language protest held aloft by an educated varsity student the other day saying "Praat Afrikaans of hou jou bek".

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