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Thread: Small to medium business

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    Smile Small to medium business

    Hi all,

    I need to do a bit of market research, so, those of you who buy graphic design either from a company or freelancer, i would be much obliged if you would participate.

    1. Are you employed by or owner of or a small, medium or large business?
    2. When you need graphic design what is important to you - service, price, other?
    3. How does good quality design benefit your organisation?
    4. How much is spent on graphic design per month, and what services are you spending on?
    5. Do you find that designers return work that was not exactly what you had asked for?
    6. When you require graphic design services, where do you look for a designer/graphic design company?

    Thanks in advance to those who reply.

    PS: this is honest research for me only, i am not trying to sell or market anythying. just thought i would clear that up!

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    1) Yes
    2) Quality/Service/Price in that order
    3) Good quality = great looking graphics at the lowest kb possible meaning less bandwidth transfer meaning more users able to use our applications at the same cost
    4) R2000-R8000. Depends greatly on what we do. Usually graphic design/logo/web design
    5) Yes, all the time, but that is a process. Fortunately we've worked with a designer for several years and he knows exactly what we want. Clients always change their minds, that is inevitable.
    6) Internally

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    1) Yes
    2) Quality & Service equal then price
    3) A picture is worth a thousand words
    4) R2000-R12000; Presentation Graphics, E-mail Graphics & rarely web graphics.
    5) Agree with noone here, it is a process. It may take 3 or 4 tries before everyone is happy
    6) Internally, we have employed a designer to take care of everything for us, otherwise we use our marketing company.
    RSA Broadband = 1.44 Floppy & Stamp

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    noone, alchamy, thanks for the responses. it seems quality and service are top on alot of peoples list.

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    anyone else got anything to say?

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