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Thread: Blackberry Task Manager

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    Question Blackberry Task Manager

    Hey Guys

    Well as you can see from the topic, i am looking for a decent task manager for my 8520 curve. Many applications freeze and i have to redownlaod or pull the battery. This is as im sure you know, very annoying. Is there any form of a task manager available for download somewhere. Google left me with nothing,


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    Im in dire need of such an app as well.

    I found an app that simulates a battery-pull but that is hardly ideal.

    What version of the OS are you running? Im on

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    Well there is the default option of holding down the Menu key for a few seconds , a new window with the list of running apps will open up.

    The apps that do apps management is usually termed "Memory Management" apps like :

    Now i haven't seen one that specifically say they can close apps (apparently you can't), but they do have things like "crash recovery" and getting past the "stuck hourglass" etc etc. So maybe look into those.

    Above app do this:
    - keep your phone fast and responsive by reducing resource waste, clean memory manually or by schedule
    - allow you to view running programs and properties
    - present real-time memory usage statistics
    - offer one click access to phone s system log
    - reboot/reset phone without pulling out battery

    This application address the following issues on your BlackBerry® phone:
    - slow response
    - phone stuck hour glass
    - reboot phone reset phone by pulling battery
    - inconvenient access to event log

    Please note, Killing a process on BlackBerry is technically not possible, RIM does not provides an API for this because of security reasons. The application will show you what all hidden background processes are running - you may manually close these processes.
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    Getting an unknown error on that page. And im not keen on paying for it, i assume i have to pay since its the Blackberry page. Reason being is i dont know how long i will have this horrible phone lol

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