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Thread: MTN claim they have an ombudsmen?

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    Default MTN claim they have an ombudsmen?

    MTN claim on their site that they have a non-biased Ombudsman as of September 2010.

    I cant find any contact details on their site? any idea how i get a hold of them.

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    Super Grandmaster StrontiumDog's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Cape Town


    Oohh... I would like to email him if u get the details. What is ur issue with MTN?

    I tried to contact them via the MTN Active website 2 months ago beginning of August and received no reply.

    Gonna email them directly now on MTNServiceProvider(at) and mtnspmail(at)

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    Thanks for thanking me for finding that link for you. No wait u didnt.

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    ah hell, yeah griz found that link

    I have a billing issue, that will just never get sorted out. I took a R69p/m MTN 100, and they started billing me R169 a month, gone 3 months now... what to do...

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    Grandmaster demon angel's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Kreupelbosch, Cape Town


    Hello everyone what a nightmare MTN is!

    My wife is paying her phone like clockwork.

    She pays them every month, yet they continuously cut her phone off.

    She has 2 contracts and 2 different accounts to pay into.

    They say they have merged the 2 accounts into one and do not, so every month the cycle repeats itself.
    Every time she pays them they tell her she is R89 behind.
    This happens so often we pull our hair out and shriek like crazy banshees, because we are actually in credit not debit with MTN.

    2 hellopeters and 10 calls to the agents resolved nothing.

    They are a bunch of liars who promise to call you and sort it out and then nothing ever happens.
    Trying to call them is an even bigger nightmare, when they move you from one department to another and finally put you on hold indefinitely.

    She went into the Blue Route branch to attempt to resove this and they told her to call 808(Thanks again for nothing MTN).

    They cut her phone the day her aunt died and my wife didn't even get to tell her grandmother!

    I cannot in words adequately explain how utterly useless and incompetent this company is, and pray that nobody ever has to experience this pi$$ poor service from them.
    They lead the worst service list on hellopeter so im really surprised that they rank second as the best telecoms service provider.

    I hope they seriously rot in hell and disintegrate into the cracks of our planet.

    Rant over and apologies for being sour.

    Has nobody got the ombudsman contact details for MTN?

    We would really appreciate it, as we would like to tear them another @ss**le.

    Regards demon angel.
    ^^Seek and you shall find any retro console delivered to your door^^

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    I asked the same question a while ago. Hope someone has an answer.

    MTN won't give me the R300 balance I had from before I upgraded my contract 3 weeks ago. They assured me I wouldn't lose a cent, and MTN SP's Q&A said so too. All my calls just result in being told that the billing department has received my query.

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