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Thread: How Poison Ivy Works

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    Default How Poison Ivy Works

    No, it does not refer to the Hon Min Ivy .....
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    u got me...
    Man I was expecting a LoneGunman type post!

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    *stoke slaps kaspaas HARD*
    [edit]But I admit grudgingly that it's an interesting set of pages.[/edit]

    Urushiol makes its way down through the skin, where it is metabolized, or broken down.

    Immune cells called T lymphocytes (or T-cells) recognize the urushiol derivatives as a foreign substance, or antigen.

    They send out inflammatory signals called cytokines, which bring in white blood cells.

    Under orders from the cytokines, these white blood cells turn into macrophages.

    The macrophages eat foreign substances, but in doing so they also damage normal tissue, resulting in the skin inflammation that occurs with poison ivy.

    Wow. The body'z so cool.
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    Call your doctor if you experience these more serious reactions:
    A rash around your mouth, eyes, or genital area
    how would the leaves get into contact with ones genitals unless they're up to some freaky hanky panky
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