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Thread: Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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    Default Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


    I have a microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard from a while back and i lost the cd that came with it and the usb, i bought an ordinary usb dongle and the pc doesnt recognise the keyboard or mouse, is it cos i have to get a microsoft usb? or am i doing something wrong? My nephew set it up for me before, then i got a laptop, now the lt is broken so im back to the pc ....

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    You should be able to download the drivers off the Microsoft website.
    Not to worry - Afrihost has my back!!!

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    The usb dongle and the kb and mouse should be on the same frequency otherwise they won't connect. If it is a bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse it should work with a generic dongle. But normal old wireless keyboards might need the specific MS usb. Have you tried googling whether MS keyboards are compatible with any specific generic wireless dongles?

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    The chances of the keyboard and mouse working with a standard BlueTooth device are next to none, like SerenePhoenix said.
    I have a Logitech keyboard and it has its down BT receiver and it's not compatible with other BT devices, except for other Logitech BT devices.

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