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Thread: Telkom Usage?

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    Default Telkom Usage?

    So I've had to stay at my folks place this month and they have some Closer 3 deal where they have a 1 gig cap with Telkom as their ISP. Thats fine for them cause they just check email and occasionally surf the net.
    Now I've been on my Wireless on my laptop using their connection and I've used that 1gig cap up by the 7th Nov so I bought a 1gig top up. I also started a Afrihost account and got 1gig + 1 free gig. I've pretty much been on the Afrihost account for the past while occasionaly switching back to Telkom.
    I checked my usage today on and and it says that I've used 2 gigs on the Telkom account? Now I'm wondering, even if I swap my username and password in the to Afrihost, does it still use my Telkom cap seemed its on the Closer 3 Telkom line? Also my wireless has a WPA2, hidden network and only allowing in certain MAC addresses, so there is no way the wireless was hacked. I'm just a bit curious as to how the other gig has been used between the 7th and now?
    Any ideas?

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    and now when I'm on my Afrihost account, I can receive email in outlook express (Telkom Email address linked to outlook express) but I cannot seem to send email. Is there any way that I can set Firefox to use my Afrihost account when surfing and Outlook to use my telkom username and password when receiving email instead of constantly having to change it at

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    If you modem/router supports it you can run multiple accounts and set up the routing rules based on ports and/or IPs you want to redirect. Just get Gmail - it solves everything in life, hell its the "42" of email.
    Do something today for those than cannot do anything for you.

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