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Thread: Cell signal booster?

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    Question Cell signal booster?

    Our house as very poor signal on all the networks. Does anyone know where one can purchase cell signal booster (the antenna will be permanently fixed to the roof to receive good signal, and then relay it via a small transmitter inside the house).

    Preferably such a signal booster should work on all network frequencies, as not everyone on the property use the same cellphone operator. This is specifically aimed at normal voice calls, and not 3G and HSDPA.

    I know that Poynting sells cell antennae, but to my understanding those antennas plug either directly into the cellphone or 3G/HSDPA modem which doesn't solve the problem for everyone on the property and would be cumbersome for voice calls.

    Any info would be much appreciated!

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    Note: "Unfortunately it is illegal for anyone but the Cellular Network Providers to transmit on the cellular frequencies; or that radiate the signal. MTN and Vodacom have a license with ICASA to transmit on the frequency range. That is exactly what these ‘extenders’ do. Therefore to buy these systems over the internet (from other countries) and installing it here in South Africa (by you) is illegal.
    The problems with these repeaters are that they are expensive and, if they are not installed properly, they will influence the network negatively. If MTN, Vodacom, Cell C or ICASA ‘find’ these repeaters they will remove it and you might be liaible for a fine."
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    Log a call with your network provider, they assess the damage and take it from there, they would be able to tell you what towers are to be established in the area and offer a temp solution in the meantime. The boosters are expensive though, one would need to meet certain criteria, plus the network guy would need to determine if there is any signal condusive to be bringing inside in the first place, be that from rooflevel or whatnot. 0839001212

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    Thanks for the info!
    I will certainly contact my network provider to see what they can possibly offer.

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    Default Is there any new info

    Is there still no legal signal enhancers available? Can you negotiate with cell companies to be a cell signal agent and install their legal stuff?

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    If you complain to the cellular company persistently enough they may actually come and 'give' you a booster on a sort of permanent loan -- which is what happened to me with Vodacom. Nice of them! The technician who installed the antenna, booster and repeater said that in theory, this would be a R3,500 job all in. Who knows, you might find such an installer prepared to 'moonlight' and do you an installation 'off the radar'..... assuming it's worth that sort of money to you.

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