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Thread: Download restriction?

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    Default Download restriction?

    Im getting 37kbps when downloading on a single stream. If I add more streams I get 200+kbps. Why do I get 150-200kbps with speedtest? I've tried a few other links from different sites and they all are a constant 37kbps. I've tried internet explorer, download acellerators...etc

    I didn't pay for this, was just curious if others have this before I take it further?

    Edit: Its been like this for a couple of days
    Last edited by Lurking; 02-12-2010 at 03:26 AM.

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    Possible answer: network currently gives you maximum 200kbps. Your download links do not have enough throuput to activate more bandwith (which in HSPA is on demand). Other stream open new allocation channels between your modem and the tower.

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    I've noticed this as well. My single stream downloads top out at about 75kbps.
    I installed DownThemAll for Firefox and use all 10 download streams to get better throughput.
    My modem gets pretty toasty now..

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    I do get my maximum speed tested with on a single stream from international sites using IE8.

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    It is how it should work. I experienced lurking issue on other networks.

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    Yes but before I used to get 200kbps easy with a single strean. I'm HSPA+, 99% signal. Is it fair that I get limited while most dont? I understand if I had this from the start

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    Consider your max thoughput very low. I easy achieve 800kbps with signal level around -95dbm on 2100MHz network. Today it was the same with CellC. However signal strenght was jumping between -90dBm and 100dBm, picking up different cells and disconnecting. Happily it kept connection during updating browser to IE8 (+/-25MB).

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    Ok just a little bump.. When downloading from the microsoft website, I get 200kbps easy with a single stream..anywhere else and it's 37kbps. So it does seem as though i've been restricted, although I have two 5gig data sims and it's the same with both. Some guys are downloading at 300+kbps easy on a single stream. Why do I only get over 37kbps on a single stream through microsofts website?

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    I generally get 750KBps+ on downloads. Not using any download managers etc so just a single stream all the time.

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