Well I had to post this, after Orbot was failing to get me to use Pandora and Hulu anymore I had to find an alternative.

So steps to setting up HotSpotShield

1. Download VPN Connections 0.99
2. You need to get an user name and Password from HotSpotShield (Click on get Account ID)
3. Open VPN Connections 0.99
4. Settings for VPN Connection 0.99:
Make sure VPN is enabled
Select "Add Another Network"
Connection Name: HotSpotShield
IPSec gateway address:
IPSec ID: hss
IPSec Secret: hss
Username: "The one obtained from the HotSpotShield"
Password: "Same as Username"
Password + Token Digits: Unticked
5. Click on "Add"
6. Press and Hold on "HotSpotShield" and select Connect.
7. It should take a few seconds and you should be connected.

If the guide has helped please join Dropbox, it's a win-win situation as we both get 250Mb of free space.