Bidorbuy has facilitated the online sale of a R210,000 ZAR 1892 Kruger pond.

According to bidorbuy this is an extremely rare coin which experts in the business will know about. This coin was given an extremely high rating by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America (NGC).

“Those who trade in rare South African coins will know that a NGC grading of MS61 is of the highest grading a coin can have and that the coin itself is one of three ever to be graded by the NGC,” said bidorbuy.

Buying SA coins is not just a hobby though, there are also good financial reason for venturing down this path according to the online auction house.

Economic benefits

SA coins are a good long-term investment according to bidorbuy: “In a recent international publication it was reported that most ZAR coins dated between 1874 and 1902 have doubled in value over the last year which although may not provide you with real money dividends, or instant monetary payouts, the fact remains that coin collections will yield gains in the long term.”

There are also those who may feel the gold is a safe bet as it serves as the ultimate protection or “hedge” against major crises such as economic collapse and global uncertainty.

Why pay R210,000 for a coin?

The buyer of the coin who wishes to remain anonymous says, “South Africa has a wealth of rare coins which are of high value due to the fact that not many were minted until much later on in our history. Rare South African coins also carry an intangible quality that contributes heavily to the coins value, the history of the coin. All of the rare South African coins carry a story; they are a fold in the page of our history books that teach us about where we are from and how we have evolved through time.”

The most valuable ZAR coin

South Africa’s rarest and most valuable coin at the moment is called the “Single 9” aka “The King of World Coins”, with a mintage of only one.

This exceptional South African resident has converted its value of R1, 500,000 ($326,087) in 1996 to today’s value of R18, 000,000 ($3,000,000) and it is said to eventually appreciate to a staggering $50,000,000 in years to come.