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Thread: Prepaid: how to convert purchased airtime, to data

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    Default Prepaid: how to convert purchased airtime, to data

    I hope someone can help me with this ...

    Iíve had various phones, on contract, since mobile phones were first introduced in SA back in the 1990s. I have been fortunate that my business has picked up the tab for my contract phone expenses.

    Iím now retired, and along with my new-found leisure time, I also now have to pay expenses such as cellphone, data, and vehicle costs, out of my own pocket.

    Iím currently on an MTN phone contract, which ends in February 2012, and I have been using this phone for connectivity while away from my office only to access my office mail, my GMail, and for very occasional browsing. As I used very little data using my cellphone, I have never bothered to enter into an Ďadd-oní data contract, nor have I ever bought a pre-paid SIM.

    So, I need to buy a pre-paid SIM, which I will use for both voice and data connectivity in my retirement, in the interim period between now, and when I move to the W. Cape in May 2011. Once I am there I will have an Telkom ADSL line ... currently, where I live right now, a Telkom line is not an option.

    Using my phone to connect now is painful ... MTN signal where I live in a complex in North Riding Randburg is pitiful at best. So I have considered buying both a Vodacom and CellC prepaid SIM, buying airtime for those SIMs and seeing which one gives me the best connection ....

    My current phone is capable of GPRS / EDGE & HSDPA (7.2mbps DL) connection

    My options as I see it are:

    1. Buy the Voda and CellC pre-paid SIMs and see which one performs best i.t.o. connectivity ... of course this will mean I will need to remove my MTN contract SIM, and put in the pre-paid SIMs when I want to connect top Internet.. not too much of a hassle I guess.

    2. Buy (cash, not contract) a USB dongle / modem and use the pre-paid SIMs in that device

    My dilemma, applicable to both above options, is:

    Having never needed to buy a prepaid voice or data SIM, I have no clue as to how to get these prepaid SIMs to work with data, at a cost of less than around R2.00 per MB.

    I know that I can buy airtime for the SIMs I buy, I can do that via my Internet Banking system, but how do I then convert that airtime into a pure data bundle, at best cost? Having never bought airtime, I need step-by-step instructions on how to convert that airtime into data-time. I really would appreciate input on this

    I have read the sticky in this forum, but I can't find how to convert airtime (i.e. voice airtime, which I don't need) to data, at a cost of less than R2.00 per MB

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    Dial *111#
    Option 2
    Option 3
    Option 1 or 2 (1 = Standard Data Bundles HSDPA 3.6) (2 = Advanced Data Bundles HSDPA 7.2)
    then select your data option

    Example of Standard Data Bundle price: 175 MB (Standard) R119.00 0.68/MB
    Example of Advanced Data Bundle: 175 MB (Advanced) R129.00 0.74/MB

    Other option is to create an account on and buy data bundles (convert existing prepaid time)

    Never used Cell-C, have a look here for some info (Getting Started section),
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