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Thread: Dlink DAP-1360 set up...

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    Default Dlink DAP-1360 set up...

    I have been trying to extend the range of my wireless network, so decided to get the above router and try that... After much frustration i eventually managed to get the router setup for Repeater mode using the built in setup wizard...

    In my normal D-link DSL 2640U router, under the system info, it shows that the repeater is picking up a wireless signal, but does not say "yes" under associated stations...

    Whenever i try to move the repeater away though and hook up my ps3 to it to use the extra range, my ps3 cant find an IP address ion the network......

    I know it all sounds confusing,, but i HATE setting up networks, and i am very frustrated atm... anyone maybe had a similar experience and will be able to say what i am doing wrong?

    Both SSID's are set the same on both routers...
    Both IP adresses are set in the same range ( and above)
    Entered the correct WPA key (double checked... and then checked again)

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    You might have to enter the IP address, subnet mask and gateway manually. on the PS3!
    I had to do that with my friend's Samsung TV's wireless connection, because it was unable to automatically obtain it from the D-Link DSL-2640 router.

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    "Entered the correct WPA key (double checked... and then checked again)" for repeater mode use WEP
    and use MAC address on each router - on D-link DSL 2640U router add the Dlink DAP-1360 MAC address and vice versa.

    "Both SSID's are set the same on both routers..." use 2 separate names.

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