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Thread: Google to buy out Firefox

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    Default Google to buy out Firefox

    Market rummor: Google loooks at the purchse of Firefox in the attempt to keep the search engine market.

    MSN releases new site for South Africa, a copy of Google ???

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    How on earth would Google puchase FireFox? It is an opensource product run by a non-profit organization. Google has paid the salaries of certain FireFox developers for ages now (As do other companies).
    This is total rubish
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    can`t find anything of that nature on toptecnews,or google news.
    The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."Hoka Hey

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    Easy guys, Don't shoot the messenger...
    -= Veteran from the Great War of MyWireless 2005 =-

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    Yes, but when the messenger starts claiming impossible stuff...

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    Like I said Market rummor !.

    This rummor has been sent to me buy 3 sources. but like I said it is a rummor asshol e

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    ignorant post...testy reply...agressive response...

    just another day on myadsl.

    edit: FYI it's spelled like this: "rumour".

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