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Thread: enable or disable WAN Ping Respond

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    Default enable or disable WAN Ping Respond

    alright, so i have the DIRF-615 wireless router, and just busy setting up security recently. should i enable or disable WAN ping respond. I have googled around and get different answers. Correct me if im wrong, but if i enable it then anyone from the outside who pings my router will be able to pick it up, or is it the other way around?

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    Hi snail.

    It is to block icmp packets from the internet to reach the router.
    Note that people can still "pick it up"
    If it has a feature to block web front end admin access from the internet then that should be turned on, but I doubt
    it will be switched on.

    I would suggest you leave the icmp filter off, otherwise you might forget it has been switched off some day in the distant
    future and waste a lot of time troubleshooting the router if needs be.

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    next to enable WAN Ping Respond it has a box and the box has got a tick in it.

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