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Thread: Telkom >:(

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    Default Telkom >:(

    So my line has been down for 4 days. It came back up today, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it's been ADSL2+ activated. And then not so pleasantly surprised to see that I've been downgraded from 4mb to 512kbps. Along with this my line stats have been severely degraded. They are as follows:

    Down up
    DSL Noise Margin: 20.1 dB 38.1 dB
    DSL Attenuation: 16.0 dB 5.5 dB
    DSL Transmit Power: 0.0 dBm 12.8 dBm

    My noise margin used to be 30+ dB.

    Anyone else had this happen? I'm not impressed right now ><

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    Noise margin changes are normal with the switch from G.DMT to ADSL2+, I also lost a few dB's...
    The concern is that not only has your noise margin dropped 10dB, though, but that you (claim to, at least) have had 30dB on 4Mbps, and now 20dB on 512k. Call 0800 375 375 and ask them to put you on 10Mbps, and if they refuse, then settle for 4Mbps (which is what you're paying for anyway), and compare stability and noise margins then. You could also try force your modem to sync at G.DMT and see what that does to your noise margins

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    My previous stats are somewhere around here in a 10mbps thread, and I definitely had around 30dB noise margins (it varied between 30 and 32). I have an exchange somewhere very close to me. Thanks for the advice, tried calling them but held the line for an hour and gave up... I'll try again in the morning.

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    I forced it to sync in g.dmt mode and my stats were crazy:

    DSL Mode: G.DMT
    DSL Channel:
    DSL Upstream Rate: 256 Kbps
    DSL Downstream Rate: 512 Kbps

    Down up
    DSL Noise Margin: 45.9 dB 31.0 dB
    DSL Attenuation: 13.0 dB 5.5 dB
    DSL Transmit Power: 9.6 dBm 11.8 dBm

    Does that mean they've improved my line? Then why the speed decrease? I guess that means I might be getting 10mb at least

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